How to Make or Create a 3D Effect on Text in Photoshop Easily

Photoshop is the program mainly used for editing, also since the CC version multiple features have been adjusted, among which the 3d effect.

In this way the texts with three-dimensional perception will be displayed, at the same time you will have striking texts for any field.

It should be noted that, in general, the Photoshop editing program has a variety of options, functions and tools you can use, which are of great help when making an edition or modification, taking into account that because of this it is important to know the operation of each of these alternatives.

Easily create the 3D effect in Photoshop

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3D effect in Photoshop

Initially Photoshop must be opened and then a new file must be created with the desired measurements, in this way the document in which the 3D text will be established will be found in the Photoshop window.

So to achieve this you have to select the text tool which is located in the left panel or menu, it should also be noted that in this menu are most of the features and tools with which you can work in the program.

Then when selecting the text tool you can give click on the file to be able to write, therefore you can write the text to which you want to add the effect.

You can also increase the size if you want, you can adjust the necessary characteristics to personalize the text.

Once you have finished you have to look for the selection tool and in this way it will be possible to select the entire work box in which the text is located.

Subsequently, you have to select the option of «3D» which displays several options where it is «new 3D extrusion» starting from the selected layer.

You have to click on it, it is also important to check that they are on the text layer and you can see it in the lower right menu in which you can find the layers section.

After clicking on the 3D option, a small window appears with a warning that it will change to the 3D option in which you must click on the option of «Yes».

Then another small window is displayed where you can seechoose «ok». In this way they will be within the characteristics of the effect.

Steps to adjust the characteristics of the 3D effect

Adjust the characteristics of the 3D effect

Once you are in this section you must change some materials and to achieve this you have to go to the lower right menu where the layers were, so in that place you have to choose the effect you want.

You can also click above to change the material, a small black sphere is displayed that, if clicked, displays various options of spheres with textures and colors. Select the one you prefer, once this step is done you can adjust the colors you want.

At the same time in the 3D menu you can choose the options and together you can go adjusting the desired materials and shades. You can select the option to bring it to the front and to the sides so that the effect is better visualized.

When applying the effects you can click on layers which is next to 3D, you also have to click on «background» then select «Postcard», you have to join the text layer with the background layer, for this you can press «ctrl + E».

Then you have to select from the top menu again 3D to select «render 3D layer», then you have to wait a few minutes depending on the computer you have.

Once it has been rendered, select the background layer and right-click to choose «render 3D».

Then create a new layer but you do not have to select it, you choose the «Magic wand» and click on each letter with the help of shift. Then the new layer is selected and selection, modify and contract is chosen. Pixels and color are adjusted.

Is pressed «ctrl D» to remove the effect of the wand, finally you can select in the top menu: «window», «settings» and then color balance and levels to provide a greater effect.

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