How to Make or Create a Christmas Card in Photoshop – Quick and Easy

At Christmas time it is a common tradition to share cards or other details that represent this special date. For this reason, we invite you to read this article with which you will learn how to make or create a Christmas card in Photoshop – Quick and easy

A useful editing tool: Photoshop

Photoshop is an application that works as a photo editor and other images. This tool was created by the company Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1986. Photoshop is frequently used to retouch images, make a collage of photos and edit them in multiple ways, so it is considered a complete application in this area.

Photoshop attributes

Photoshop has multiple features that can be added in layers. In them we can apply effects, marks, special texts and other functions. Since its inception, Photoshop has been very effective for photo retouching app. In fact, this application allows you to restore a faded or very old photo by erasing the marks of deterioration.

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How to Make or Create a Christmas Card in Photoshop – Quick and Easy

If you want to make a Christmas card in Photoshop easy and fast, we recommend you to know some basics since with this application you can do multiple jobs and even convert a photo into a caricature. Here is a procedure to accomplish this task effectively.

Open a new document

First of all, you must access the Photoshop application open a 600×300 pixel document. If you haven’t installed Photoshop on your computer yet, go to the Adobe website. Press the button “Start the free trial” or select the option “Buy now” if you prefer to purchase the paid version that has a complete edition package.

Create a new layer

Photoshop works through a layer system. For this reason, you must create a layer and give it a name that in this case can be “background”. Then drag the radial gradient from D2EAFF to 9DCFFB just from the center of the workspace to the edges.

Add items to the canvas

Next, you can add certain characteristic Christmas elements such as snowflakes. You can find beautiful free brush sets online to add them to your card. For this, we recommend you access the qbrushes website and locate the download section.

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On the right side of the web page you will find many categories to download, clouds, flowers, plants, ornaments, shapes, lines and other elements to decorate your Christmas card in Photoshop. In the app, go to the “Brushes” tab and check the “Shape Dynamics” and “Smoothing” boxes. Choose 50% to distribute the images.

Reduce the opacity of the layer and add some text

Once you download the items that you will add to the canvas together, you can reduce layer opacity by 40%. In this way, you will make the game of snowflakes look more subtle. In the “Brushes” tab, check the “Scattering” box. In the “Fade” option, assign the value 40.

Write a text referring to Christmas through a text layer. Change text shape, font type, colors, and effects using tools provided by Photoshop.

Apply the gradient overlay

Access blending options and text layer apply gradient overlay. In blending mode, mark the overlay with 50% opacity. This will keep the text in color but have an additional gradient effect that is slightly brighter.

Apply a glow effect on the text

You may apply more shine to the text using a function called “Inner Glow”. Specify the opacity level that will be 45% and in the “Elements” section assign the size of 13 pixels.

In the “Quality” section, indicate a range of 50% and press “Ok”. You may add texture to text through the “bevel and relief” section. There, put 5 pixels to the structure and in “Shaded” write an angle of 120, an altitude of 30 and an opacity of 15%.

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