How to Make or Create a Collage of Digital Photos with Corel PaintShop (Example)

Corel Paint Shop is a powerful program that allows us to improve photographs, without having to use expensive applications. It also has many tools, which will guarantee an optimal design in all our creations. Today you will learn one of them: how to make or create a photo collage digital with Corel PaintShop.

PaintShop, it can also be used to create fun photo collage and downloaded images. To achieve this, it has a high range of options that we can use. Thanks to this program, we can let our imaginations fly and dazzle on social networks with all the moments we have lived.

Steps to create a photo collage with Corel PaintShop

The functionality of this program is very easy to learn. This means that to create a photo collage with Corel PaintShopWe don’t have to be a design prodigy; just follow the corresponding steps that will be shown below.

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Steps to create a photo collage with Corel PaintShop

  • The first thing we have to do is open PaintShop on our computer. After doing that, we will press the option «NEW», this is found in the file menu. Then we will have to change to inches the units and we will put a resolution of 300.
  • Now, we will have to select width and height of our file. To do this, you must take into account what you want to do with the final product. Our recommendation is to use the equivalent of a poster, for this we can enter 20 wide and 16 high.
  • After we have selected the width and height of our illustration, we will click on «Rasterize Background» and RGB-8 bits / channel. Being there, we will select the transparency option and click on to accept.
  • Once we have done all this, we will select to open; this is in the menu file. Being here, the application will allow us to navigate in the files of our computer, we will look for the first image that we want to use in the collage. After choosing the image that we will use, we will click on it and select to open.

Configure your images

  • The image will appear in our main PaintShop file. Being there, we will select the option cut off, this is on the toolbar.
  • Now, we need to select one of the free configurations, these will appear under the photo, we will choose the one that suits us best.
  • If we want to rotate or rotate our photograph or image, we will only have to click on rotate of the cutting rectangle; This option is found on the Image Crop Toolbar. To start creating our collage legally, we will only have to select and cut the part of the image that we want.

Crop your photos in Corel PaintShop

To make a precise cut in our photograph, we will only have to adjust the desired part, click on the green arrow under the cutting tools. After doing this, we will select the entire image from the edit menu. After this process, we must paste new layers. To do this, we will select «move».

After doing this, we will have to drag the image up to the position we want to give in the collage. Then we have to save the photo as a new image.

Crop your photos in Corel PaintShop

Once this is done, we will open the created illustration again. We will select another layer or «Picture» and we will give save again. You must bear in mind that every time you add a photograph, you must save it, this way it will not affect the final product.

How to fill in a photo collage

After you have the selection of complete images, you can fill the collage. To do this, we must select the fill option, then we will select the color we want to shade our background. To execute this action, just click anywhere on the Collage.

Once the collage is finished, we will select to export. Being there, we will click on JPEG optimizer. A small menu will appear, we will focus on the «quality» tab, we will select the value 1, finally click on accept.

To finish this process, just browse on your computer, now select the folder where you want to save the image. In this way, you can create an incredible collage made from PaintShop without any complications. Do you see how easy it is to make or create a collage of photos with Corel PaintShop? If you liked this post, don’t forget to leave us your comment and share it with your friends.

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