How to Make or Create a Functional Digital Clock in Excel the Easy Way

If there is something that must be learned in life, it is to use Excel. In the workplace, knowledge about Excel can be the gateway to many possibilities and advances, in the face of the exorbitant hole of competition in all aspects of daily life.

This is a valuable tool that you should always consider within the framework of the competencies to be acquired. Not only limited to cell addition operations, there will be an exorbitant variety of possibilities within its preludes, taking out the basic functions like division and so on, Excel allows us to do actions that we do not commonly know, such as create a functional digital clock for example.

A look at the possibilities of Excel

Let’s give a brief review of the study and application angles that Excel can have. It is already well known that companies demand from their future employees an educated and nurtured knowledge of Excel, since from this tool many tasks can be done that consortia want, such as averaging and all kinds of mathematical actions.

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In addition to its versatility of use, which does not subjugate the user to a computer, it is possible to use Excel from an iPhone cell phone for example, this is how it is enshrined as a tool as well as useful, adapted to everyone’s needs. of course there are little-known features and tools for people new to this interface.

But having access to them or exploiting them to their maximum splendor, is not the subject of masters in the field or anything like that. In fact, everyone can do it, it is just a matter of paying attention and following the recommendations and actions that are indicated. It is necessary to give an example to these words, so let’s see how to make or create a functional digital clock in Excel in a simple way.

Process for creating functional digital clock in Excel

Let’s not see this as a tedious repetition of processes, on the contrary, let’s be open and let’s take this as tricks within excel, which will make its future use for photos easier for Internet users who want to impregnate themselves with knowledge on the subject.

Of course we will go to the tool, and once its interface is open we can proceed. We must prepare the ground where we will take the pertinent actions to facilitate everything. We go by default to the File icon and inside it, we will go to the lower segment that says Options.

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Once this is done, a pop-up window with various specifications will be displayed. In the middle of the submenu list, we will take the one that tells us: customize ribbon. We can see how the palette of internal possibilities. We must not be obfuscated, within the first section, in the drop-down list, we choose the option that says: main tabs.

We do the same operation on the other side of the options possibilities, we look the same for the main tabs and we are going to activate the box that says programmer. Once the basic configuration is done; We give the bottom button to accept.

At this point, a new one will be formed in the upper tabs with the title of programmer, it is from there where we will make the digital clock. We enter it and go to the left section where it says macro security, for their qualification.

In this order of ideas, we proceed in the strict sense to create a digital clock, whose typology for internal use will be that of “a macro” because in essence that is within the computing context. You we give the title and click on create, within the window that has been displayed to us.

Once this is done, the possibility of creating the modules within This Word is displayed, in the first one we program it to make it functional. In keeping with them the own programming processes are executed, and we choose the location where our clock will be made or displayed.

We put the own data of the clock, with the format of time and date, that is to say, what would be called in matter, the formula. We head to the macro and we add the coordinates where the clock was formed, in order to make it functional and we do the relevant programming and append the time commands. And then we save what was done and we can run the start of the clock.

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