How to Make or Create a Gallery Module with Divi for WordPress

The Divi theme makes the experience of creating a web page in WordPress easier, since it allows from inserting a text or image, to create a complete gallery with them in a simple way.

This option allows you display a series of images as an album just by inserting the appropriate Divi module in WordPress. So you can upload a series of images to facilitate the observation of them by users who access your website in WordPress.

Therefore, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you can easily learn how to do or create a gallery module with Divi for WordPress.

How to create a gallery module with Divi for WordPress

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One of the best ways to get the most out of the website you have created in WordPress is set up a gallery in it through the Divi service.

So, the first step to create a gallery module is to create a new page in the “pages” option shown in the left bar in the main WordPress window, or failing that, you open a page that you have created previously. You must select the column and you will insert the corresponding module in divi, which in this case is Gallery.

module to manage the gallery in divi

Once you select this module, the new window will show you several boxes with a series of options, you must access the «update gallery» so you can proceed to upload the ones you want to show in your WordPress gallery. Keep in mind that you must previously have the images you want to place on your computer, they can be downloaded from Google Images or from the image bank of your choice.

Finally, when you have selected the images with which you want to create your gallery in WordPress, finally you just have to select the option «add to gallery».

How to edit a gallery module with Divi for WordPress?

The image galleries They are one of the best tools you can use to display multiple photos on your WordPress page, without having to upload image by image.

Therefore, once you have gallery loaded via module and the steps that we have previously shown you, you will notice that once the option to «add to gallery» is selected, the selected images are displayed in an editing window. It has the name of «Edit Gallery» and shows an option on the images uploaded to said gallery that allows you to delete any image that you have decided not to upload.

In addition, this window also allows you drag the images in order to adapt the location to your liking. In this way, you can set the order in which the images in your WordPress gallery are displayed at your discretion.

So, once you have finished with the editing process, you just have to select the option of «update gallery”Displayed in the lower right corner of the edit window.

In this way, you will have successfully edited the gallery, with the images of your preference, that you have uploaded to your WordPress website.

divi templates for wordpress

How to save a gallery module with Divi for WordPress

Divi is one of the best options in terms of upload elements to your web page It is, because this service allows you to insert an autoplay video in WordPress in a simple way, until you create image galleries in it.

Therefore, once you are done with the editing process in gallery module and you have selected the option to «update gallery». A new window will load with a series of boxes showing various options that you must specify before selecting the final save.

Then, in the design section you must set the «grid» option, you will notice that a new column is moved in which you must enter the exact number of images that you have uploaded to your gallery. Later, the «show title and subtitle» and «show pagination» options will be activated by default.

These options are basically for the person note the title or name of the image while hovering over it. Therefore, deactivating them or leaving them as such will depend on your criteria.

Finally, once you have finished configuring this section according to your preferences, you will only have to select the option «Save and exit» and then «Publish». So you will created a gallery module with Divi for WordPress successfully.

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