How to Make or Create a MASTER DOCUMENT in Word in Few Steps (Example)

The master document has multiple advantages. Here you will learn how to make or create a master document in Word so you can enjoy its benefits, such as preserving information and avoiding loss of text. Some have also found it helpful to set binding margins to save a lot of time when printing.

What is a master document in Word?

A master document in Word, it is a script capable of covering what a regular document can have, but which also includes subdocuments that can be created individually. All the corrections made in the master document will be reflected in the previously made subdocuments. Let’s examine how to create master document in Word step by step.

How to create a master document in Word

  1. Establish a draft of a master document. You could create an index with the subjects that you are going to use in the writing, as well as the selection of the most significant subjects and catalog them by separate documents. By creating this draft you will be able to order the chapters, titles and subtitles of your document.
  2. Organize the subdocuments. You should have several writings that you want to unite into one. The subdocuments must be in the same folder, in order to facilitate their inclusion in the master document. An advantage of having subdocuments already created is that the productivity of your document will be better than when you cut and paste to create the master document.
  3. Transform present documents into a master document. Group all documents in only one, which would correspond to the master document. You must go to file, in the tab that says new, to create a new document. Then in the tab that says sight, in section Scheme you click and select show document.

word master document

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On the other hand, there are times when you need a document to have the same formats as a new document to create; We have prepared a special section for them, to explain in a simple way how to do it without delay.

Create documents

Then insert the first subdocument, which would be chapter 1. Press where it says insert. A conversation box will appear, so you can select the document to include and follow the same method with the other subdocuments.

In this way you will obtain a master document consisting of the amount of document you want, be it 3 or more. In this document you can insert front cover, back cover, index, whatever it takes. If you don’t have the subdocuments, you can create them. On New You click on a blank document, create the writing, with the central title that would be chapter I of the work and place the subtitles.

Save this document and go to save as; You could create a new folder so that you can save there all the subdocuments that you are going to insert into the master document.

Master document categories in word

When working with formal documents you need to give levels. To perform this action, in the outline view of the master document, select the title and to place it at the appropriate level, click on the section that says stand-alone text, on the left; and a levels tab will be displayed, choose the appropriate levels for the titles and subtitles of the document.

Once this is done, the changes you have made will be reflected throughout the document, depending on the levels you have placed. The styles You can configure them by clicking with the right mouse button on the style you want. You can choose the text color, typeface, bold, etc.

One of the benefits of working with levels in the master document is that you will achieve view all levels in outline form. You can even raise or lower the entire chapter, as well as set position changes for them.

master word document

To create a automatic index. You go to the first sheet, in the tab reference, Choose table of Contents; click on automatic content. In this way, an automatic index will be created where the chapters, titles and subtitles will appear. With the CTRL key and the left mouse button click on the title you want to view, it will take you to the designated title.

The master document in Word will allow you to work your documents in a more orderly way, and thus you can build modifications related to the levels or categories that your work may have. You can organize documents very extensive and work them in subdocuments individually.

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