How to Make or Create a Stick in Minecraft – Crafting Stick Minecrraft (Example)

Sticks are a vital element for crafting a large number of objects in Minecraft. So being in creative mode in Minecraft you can quickly craft the clubs you need. For that reason, in this article we will show you how to make or create a stick in Minecraft. We will also tell you some curiosities about this object. And finally, we will tell you all the objects that require sticks for their manufacture.

How to make or create a stick in Minecraft

  • Go to the forest and get some wood. It works with any kind of tree. A single item is enough, you don’t have to fill a whole stack.
  • Open your inventory or go to your crafting table and place the wood in a single slot. For each unit of raw wood, you will get four units of processed wood.
  • Now, place two units of processed wood in two rows of continuous slots, one below the other, as shown in the image below. For every 2 units of wood you use, you will get 4 sticks.

As you can see, the easiest way to get sticks in Minecraft is by crafting them. However, it is not the only way to get them.

We tell you that when you open bonus chests, you have a 70.5% probability of finding 1-12 sticks. When you’re fishing, you have a 0.6% chance of finding a stick, as if it were trash.

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When defeating a witch, they sometimes release 0-6 clubs. And lastly, when you destroy a dead bush, there is a chance that it will release 0-2 clubs.

minecraft manufacturing tools

As for the curiosities that surround this Minecraft object, we can mention several examples. One of them is that it is classified as an object and raw material, so is an essential element to make basic wooden tools and practical when playing Minecraft.

In view of its importance, it is always convenient to have a reserve, so you will be happy to know that it is stackable; up to 64 can be carried in the same slot.

We can also mention that, from the beginning, it was possible to use them as fuel in the furnace. However, to this day, they last very little compared to other elements, like coal. So they are not recommended for long jobs.

And finally, it will be curious to know that the sticks were one of the first manufactured objects that were added to the game, in the Indev version 0.31 of January 29, 2010. At first, they could only be used for the elaboration of picks, axes and shovels, in addition to functioning as furnace fuel.

However, with the passing of the versions, this object began to be used more and more in the manufacture of many other elements. For that reason, below we show you everything that is crafted in Minecraft making use of sticks.

Things you can craft in Minecraft using sticks

Among the basic survival things, sticks are used in Minecraft to make arrows and bows, swords, axes, picks, shovels, sickles, as well as torches, fishing rods, and ladders.

These elements will be enough to survive the first hours of play, as they will allow you to more easily obtain the raw material to eat and create shelters, as well as defend yourself from enemies at night.

The more you advance, the more objects you will find that allow you to make more sophisticated things. In relation to objects of daily use and decoration, we can mention the following:

  • Banners.
  • Pictures and paintings to decorate places.
  • Signs to demarcate sites or signal.
  • Supports for armor.
  • Campfires (traditional and blue light).
  • Crossbows.
  • Rails
  • Grinding stones.
  • Fences and gates with fences.

worker in minecraft

Finally, we tell you that when you find a special mineral, called Redstone, you can make levers as a simple mechanism, create traps, etc. And of course there are other mechanisms that need sticks for their manufacture. Among them are the following:

  • Drive rail.
  • Activator rail.
  • Redstone torches.
  • Rope hooks.
  • Levers.

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