How to Make or Create a Subscription or Membership Page with Divi for WordPress

As many of us know WordPress is a page used expressly to create web pages and online blogs, users see in this tool what they cannot obtain in any other, without a doubt the progress regarding programs of this type It is massive, but nevertheless, it should be noted that this is one of the best in its field.

When we talk about Divi, we mean a template embedded within WordPress, I feel useful for a large number of activities that we want to do, but like everything, of course we must know how to use it properly.

It is important to know how to handle each of the tools that we use, not only those previously mentioned, but also any type of platform that helps us or it is useful to us at a given moment.

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That is why we will explain how to do or create a subscription or membership page with Divi For WordPress, taking into account its settings that are extremely extensive, some options are simple, others complicated, however it is good to know before starting to use any of them.

How to use WordPress and its elements

WordPress is much more than a platform that allows us to create web pages online, and publishing content, is a very powerful tool that offers us infinite possibilities to create, personalize and thus be able to take information where we want.

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To create a page with WordPress, we just have to download and install it on our computer, once this is done they will ask us to enter our » username » and » password » in order to be a certified user. Once inside, we can observe your main menu with two toolbars added to facilitate our work, it contains options for, appearance, editions, colors, pages and much more.

It is good that we are curious and develop each of the many options that WordPress offers usThus, it also allows us to add or insert images, since they are a fundamental part of aesthetics, they help make the text more entertaining and add value in some way to readers.

Remember that we can also include videos, they are important as well as images, they help users spend much more time on our page, according to its visibility.

How to use Divi in ​​WordPress

Divi is a tool increasingly known by WordPress users, and for design lovers it is one of the best on the list, it has many advantages when using it, it is fast and very sophisticated.

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In the case of being new to the subject, the ideal would be create a web page to use Divi later, thus clearly defining the structure and visibility that the site will have.

Once Divi is also installed, a new item called » Divi » will appear in our side menu, we click on it and then »theme options» there we can choose the tones we want for our activity.

It also allows us to add logos, for this we must first upload our file with the chosen image from the library, and then copy the link of said image that appears in » attachment details », in the same way it allows us to add images or texts to our page.

When we design we have thousands of possible options within Divi, choose, size, color, types, type of text, and for greater comfort it offers us pre-established designs, thus, many more settings that we can observe within our self-tour of Divi.

How to create a subscription page with Divi for WordPress

The first thing we must do is create a new page in Divia, then in its attributes add » Blank Page », this is so that the header and footer of our website is hidden. Then we activate the editor to be able to diagram the page with a single section that contains within itself a row of two totally equal columns.

Likewise, in the second column we place an image of the gift that we are giving by subscription or membership, then we must edit the subscription form and fill in all the fields of said form.

We also have the area called » button » where we will place something that is attractive to users like » register now » or something similar. Once this is done we would have our subscription or membership page with all its elements.

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