How to Make or Create a Telegram Channel From Mobile or PC and Invite Contacts to Join

Telegram is a messaging application very popular all over the world, with more than 500 million users. A free and easy-to-use app that has many tools and functions, making it very attractive and making it the favorite of many users.

This application, within its incredible tools has the possibility of create groups with up to 200 thousand members. This is because it is mainly available on Smartphone-type mobile phones. Users of this App must learn how to configure Telegram on Android and iPhone.

This app works by creating a free account using your phone number. Through this, the service sends you a message to your cell phone so that you can terminate your subscription, however, with the correct techniques, it is possible to use Telegram without a SIM card or phone number.

How to create a group on telegram

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First of all open the telegram app. On the main screen we will find a blue icon with a pencil that is in the lower right part of the screen. Click on it and it will direct you to a menu to start communications, as it shows you all the contacts that are on your cell phone.

When opening this screen, we will have several communication options and a contact list at the bottom. Start the process of creating a group by clicking on a new group. After clicking on new group, you will be able to choose the contacts that you want to enter that group. You have the option of using a magnifying glass to write the name of a specific contact. Once this part is finished, click on the (chulito) icon and you will go to the part of specifying the group data.

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By last, you will have to configure your new group. In the camera icon you can choose a profile photo for it, you can choose an image related to the group’s theme.

Press group name to choose the group name as stated above. Confirm that the group settings are ready by clicking on the check mark icon. Equally, once the group is created you can reconfigure this data. This will automatically start the new group with the members you want.

How to join a group

The telegram platform has many incredible functions within it, but unfortunately it does not count on a user being able to join a group on their own. If you know or know of any group that is in existence you can contact group administrators so that they can enter it and you can participate and socialize with other users.

Likewise, Telegram has a series of tools that allow you to join, share or invite someone in a Telegram group. Also Telegram groups have QR codes that can be sent to you and you can scan with your camera in order to enter the group automatically and without detours.

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Invite a person to a group

Being you the administrator or member of the group of the group, you can invite more users to join the group. First, click on the group image that is in the upper left corner of the screen, once entered in it, the group information part will appear. Here you can see the profile photo, the description of the group, the users that are part of it, etc.

Click the button add member and a screen will appear showing the contacts that you can select to include in the group and to be part of it. If you want to invite a person that you do not have added in the contacts, click on invite the group with a link and telegram will automatically generate an exclusive link of the group and you can send it.

In that same screen where the link was generated, You will have the option to copy or send the group link. Anyone who opens the link will become part of the corresponding group, either on a mobile phone or PC. Also, you will have the option to remove this link if you want no one else to join the group.

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