How to Make or Create a Word Cloud in Excel with VBA – Very Easy

It is possible that we have ever seen a word cloud or tag cloud, are groups of words. They are of different colors and sizes, with vertical and horizontal letters, which attract attention and we don’t know how to do it. I have good news for you, by reading this information you will be able to create your own word cloud.

In a practical and simple way, and from the comfort of your home, without having to install other complicated programs. You just have to have Excel installed on your computer, a tool that we all use regularly, since it is well known. The functions of our Excel program installed on our computer may surprise us, since it is a necessary tool, it can even become a data search engine.

What is a word cloud? What is your function?

A word cloud is a graphic representation in a space in order to see what the words are. The purpose of this graph is to see which words are the most repeated in our cloud. This we allows to determine the density of the words and from that visualization to be able to make the right decision.

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word cloud with a big central word love

Function of clouds

This tool can be used in many fields, such as education or statistics, since it allows the most repeated opinions. It is important to highlight that one of the fields where the word clouds is online marketing.

In them is where people can quickly visualize which are the concepts that are repeated the most on the web. We can also find them in blogs, since they are used to make word labels and help the user. The user will be able to see the words that interest him the most and see the most important ones for the page.

Learn to create word clouds in Excel with VBA

Whenever we talk about VBA, the first thing we must do is order the data to be used in the correct way. Having all this in the correct way we can apply the macros, it is necessary to use at least two columns. In the first column we must place the words, that we want to highlight, and that appear in the word cloud. In the second we can place the percentage or value that we want Excel to take when creating the cloud.

drop-down list with options to select from vba

The result will be the generation of a macro with two lines, one for the first and one for the second. After having made these arrangements it is important to select a number of cells, to run the macro on them. If we skip these first steps our operation will be wrong, we must take into account our data table. Since it should not exceed two columns, if we do, we will get an error message.

It highlights line 55, otherwise the number of rows in the table does not affect at all. The important thing is that you select the number of rows that contain data, that way you will not miss it.

To make the macro, we must take into account the following: First, we must expose all the variables. These must be from line 4, later we go to the Dim statement, having the variable, is stored.

What should be stored is the result of dividing between two chosen cells, and with ReDim, we create the elements. Let us consider that the elements that we create must be of the tag arrangement and the most important arrangement According to the size.

We must assign the value 1 to Cells and Index variables, a sample, if we are in the right or left column. The second, shows us the Excel row and lets us set the values ​​to the arrangements that are made. If I pay due attention to each of these steps, we will achieve it

And the most important thing that it will be in an easy way and from our home, without having internet. We only need to have the Excel program on our computer, and from there we can make our word cloud. By having Excel installed on our computer, in addition to creating word clouds, we can also make spreadsheets, in turn being able to hide data from cells that we want.

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