How to Make or Create an Animated GIF with the Motion Stills App on Android or iPhone

Currently the creation of animated GIFs are highly attractive For all users of social networks, what you may not have known is that they actually already existed 30 years ago, developed by Steve Wilhite. Being the 80s and 90s in which it was a trend for its fun animations, only to be forgotten later.

However, due to the growth of humor pages and blogs, which allows us to create our own gif with photos and videos, of these applications there are many incredible and more attractive improvements towards their users. Is a very easy way to start conversations with friends or with whom you have a romantic interest.

motion still very practical application to have fun

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In addition to being able to use it to promote your business, it is well known that images attract a lot of attention. App Motion Still is an application that belongs to GoogleThere are also a large number of applications on Google.

This App allows you to record 3-second videos and create animated images or videos as well as montage creation. This App is available since June 2016 for iOS and recently for all Android users.

What features does App Motion Stills offer?

This application will allow you stabilize your images and eliminate blurry margins and thus improve your resolution. So your videos can be played without distortion or movement as if you were doing them with a tripod.

This is because the video processor was improved with which each frame will be processed individually. All this process is done in real time so you can share your creations immediately with all your friends.

This application has a technology that achieves an image acceleration capacity to introduce it in a short video, with which you will have the possibility of increase speed time from 2x, 4x to 8x.

This is achieved by the functions that Google photos uses for the stabilization of images and movement of desired objects and you can create gif or animation of images in this same application. However, this does not mean that you can use it as a camera, as you must continue recording in the same usual way. You will be able to share these results with any application, such as YouTube and other social networks, which was limited to the original.

How do I create an animated GIF on my Android or iPhone with the Motion Stills App?

Then download and install the Motion Stills App on your iPhone or Android you can use it, which is very simple. We will start first with these tips to make a video in it and then how to do it with the photos.

  • The first thing we will do is open Motion Stills found on the initial screen of our mobile, after having already made a video either by the front or rear camera of the phone. It should be noted that this GIF can also be made with a video that we have previously downloaded.
  • After recording or downloading the video, we must look for it in the menu of our Smartphone and open the Gallery.
  • Choose the video you want to convert, you will find two options: enable or disable image stabilization and delete sound, to finish, choose the size you want, select the Share option, you can send it through social networks or save it.

motion still allows you to create gif

Now, if we want to make a Collage of animations with your photos, you just have to follow these simple suggestions and you will get it.

  • We must first open our App, go to the GIF option, in which our gallery will be opened.
  • Then we have to select the images or photos with which we will work sliding your finger Right or Left.
  • If we slide our finger to the Right, it is to confirm the images or photos with which they will be worked.
  • If we slide it to the Left, we will be discarding the images or photos with which you would work in GIF.
  • Then it only remains to press on the play option to view the images or photos and export it as GIF.

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