How to Make or Draw a Number Line with Intervals in Word? (Example)

Word is one of the most useful tools from Microsoft, since it allows you to create different types of things, it also has keyboard shortcuts to work faster. Of the things that it allows to create we have: write with chinese characters, curl or bow texts and also a number line with intervals in Word. For the last thing already mentioned, it will be necessary to comply with a series of fairly simple steps, we will tell you about them below.

How to make a number line with intervals in Word?

The procedure is quite simple, it really consists of building the line from scratch using the tools that Word makes available. To begin, you must enter the document in which you want place the straight or simply open a new one where you can build it quickly.

Create the line

First, you must access the “Insert” tab, there, look for the “Forms” option, click on the down arrow and a menu of options will be displayed. There, on the second or third line, you will find the arrow that has two heads, to the right and left.

Once you select it, the cursor will change to a cross “+”, When you click, the arrow will start, you must apply a trick to make it straight. Press the “Shift” key while creating the line, this will make it only grow from left to right, determine the size you want and release the click.

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Once that is done, right-click the arrow and give it the format you want, color and thickness, after that, you have to put numbers on it. For numbers you must help yourself with the Word rule, this will be your best friend in this task.

Add the numbers

Well, start creating a text box from the “Insert” tab, preferably select the option “Simple text box.” Once you have it, select the internal text and delete it, in the box write the first number of the number line with intervals in Word.

Normally or rather, the simplest way to start is by placing the “0” Look at the arrow measurement on the ruler and place it in the center. One tip is to make the text box as small as possible so that it only has room for the number.

With this number in place, it only remains to copy the text box and move it to the right, align it with the ruler and place the number “1”. Repeat the procedure to the left and put the “-1”, keep doing the same until you reach the number you need on the line.

With this procedure you will be able to create any number line with intervals in Word, you can do it vertically or horizontally. For this, you only need to change the type of arrow and voila, the rest of the procedure is the same.

Why is it necessary to know how to make a number line with intervals in Word?

First, the use of number lines is quite extensive, for representing vector directions, creating data bells, and much more. Therefore, this is a skill that can be exceedingly useful.

Many people use this to guide or represent a rule in a document, it can also work to create vectors. The combination of vertical and horizontal lines can help give vectorizations.

straight line numbers

Keep in mind that this is a bit elaborate, but the result is quite good, even, you can group the elements and move the line without problem. Many teachers and professors use this system to assign problems digitally.

In general, this is something useful, you can do different things by learning how to achieve an interval line in Word. Many times it will be necessary to compare fractions or assign values ​​within the same line.

The creation of these lines is something that facilitates the construction, it will only be You need to put the number that you are going to use. There is no exact measurement for the interval space between numbers, so you can make it to your liking.

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