How to Make or Edit a T Chart with WordPad Easily

You want to use the basic word processor WordPad, to make or edit a T chart quickly and easily, as we explain it here.

It is true that Microsoft Word is always used to create statistics graphs, but with this application you too you can make a T chart, But before explaining how to do it, we will help you learn a little about this application and why it will be useful to you.

WordPad is a much more advanced application than Notepad, but it is a bit simpler than Microsoft Word. It is a very practical and useful writing program when writing simple topics, but even so has very didactic tools.

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WordPad Features You Need To Know To Compose

Some of the functions that this program has to write or even make or edit a T chart are as follows:

  • It has the option to choose different script sources.
  • Allows you to change the size and color of the letters.
  • It has the option to underline words (Later we will see how, with this alternative, the T chart can be created in WordPad).
  • With WordPad you can place the letters in italics or in bold.
  • It also gives you the option to enter “My Documents” to insert images to the document and any type of object.

Among other functions that WordPad allows, it is open some documents that have been created by the Microsoft Word program. Of course, everything will depend on how the Word document is written, since, if the information is very heavy, WordPad may not open.

Some disadvantages of WordPad

The program of WordPad has some limitations, which prevent it from being as effective as the Microsoft Word writing program:

  • It does not have a spell checker, which makes the process of spell checking in WordPad very tedious.
  • It can only be used for basic writing tasks.
  • It does not have the ability to work with tables or graphs, unlike other text programs. (In this case, to work with the T chart in WordPad you have to design it, but we will see this shortly).

You may think that WordPad will not be useful to you, perhaps because of the few writing tools it has. But, although their work instruments seem insignificant, they are very useful and practical to use and are sufficient to fill a considerable number of needs. Now despite the limitations of WordPad, you will be able to make or edit a T-chart, following our step-by-step instructions.

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How to make or edit a T chart with WordPad step by step

The T graph consists of making a list of two columns, which have a heading and a separator that gives the shape of T. People use this graph in order to make lists of advantages and disadvantages or make comparisons of a topic. Of course, as we have been analyzing in this guide, WordPad does not have the option to automatically design columns or add tables with borders or graphics.

But these WordPad limitations are not impediments to create a T-chart on one of your pages easily and without complications. That’s why in the following, we will teach you in a few steps how to make or edit your own T-chart in WordPad quickly and easily.

  1. To get started, you have to open a blank WordPad document.
  2. Press the option “View” and then select the “Ruler” boxthen a ruler will appear on the top edge of the sheet. You will use this rule as a guide to determine which is the closest center to make your T-chart.
  3. Now select “Start” and click on the “Underline” option.
  4. Then press the “Tab” key and compose your first heading of what the first column will represent.
  5. Select “Tab” until you reach the center of the sheet, at 7.5 cm and enter a slash “|” and press “Tab” and enter the second heading.
  6. Press “Underline” to remove the option and select “Enter” to start on another line and compose your first column.
  7. When you reach the center and are below the bar, enter another “|”, and write to answer the second column.
  8. You can continue these practical steps, as many times as you need to, to complete your T-chart discussion.

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