How to Make or Have a Security or Surveillance Camera in Minecraft It Works!

If you are one of the people who loves to spend their free time playing Minecraft, then you will agree that having good security is important. And in case you don’t have Minecraft yet, you can download and install the latest version for free.

We say this because it is normal that when night falls monsters or creatures appear that could harm us. Of course, when night falls you simply lie down to sleep and you will not have to put yourself in danger.

In spite of everything, it is very useful to have security cameras, since, even if they do not hurt you because you are asleep, it is possible that they will break your door or destroy your crops.

This is from special importance since it could destroy your main source of food, that is, they can destroy what you have sown and also destroy your animal farms. We also inform you that it is possible to build an automatic fishing farm in Minecraft.

But, if you have a security camera, you will be able to monitor what happens around your house and thus, not only will you stay protected, but also what you have created, since if what is approaching is a creeper, it will not hesitate to explode near you.

If you want to know how to create a security camera in Minecraft, then stay and read this article where we will show you how it is done. It is important that you know that to create some materials it will be necessary that you have the Mod Security Craft so you can go through the process smoothly.

What materials are needed to make a security camera?

camera plus monitor minecraft with sky background

The process for make a camera It is not difficult, you just have to have the necessary materials and know how to create them. Pay careful attention as we will list the bench spaces of the crafting table so that you know what material goes in each of these boxes.

The first thing you will need is glass, and to do this you must look for blocks of sand and put them to bake in the oven.

You will also need a Remover so that you can grab the glass without breaking it, for this you need to put a scissors on the crafting table. space 4 and in spaces 5 and 6 iron ingots.

You must craft a laser that is very easy to do, you simply have to put on the stone crafting table leaving only space 5 where you will put Redstone and space 8 where you will put a glass panel.

You will also need a tool to harden the glass that you can do on the table in this way, you must place in space 3 glass, in spaces 2 and 6 diamond, in spaces 4 and 8 Redstone, in number 5 the laser and in number 7 a stick.

And you will also need a screen or monitor, this can be created by filling the spaces of the crafting table with iron ingots and in the middle a glass panel. You will only need one screen, no matter how many cameras you are going to create. And in case Minecraft does not go as expected, you can learn to optimize and improve performance in Minecraft

How to make security cameras?

security craft in maincraft

Creating these cameras is actually quite simple. The first thing you should do is harden the glass, and for this you must use the appropriate tool that we explained above.

You just have to look at the glass cube and with the tool in hand, holding down shift and hardening it, and with the remover pick it up without damaging it.

To make the camera you must go to the crafting table and in the spaces 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 place iron ingots. In 4 you must place the reinforced glass, in 5 a Redstone block and in 9 a stick and you will have your security camera.

You can use it on the site that you want and remove them with the remover. You must put them in strategic places in your house so that you can monitor the area well.

Now to configure your security camera in such a way that you can see what happens, you must grab the screen, look at the camera and holding shift you right click and that’s it.

In order to see what is happening through the cameras, you must have the screen in hand, right-click and select the camera you want to review. You can move it as if you were walking and you can zoom in. To leave you simply must press shift and go you will already be out.

Another thing that will help you to be safe is to know the time in Minecraft and thus stay away from monsters.

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