How to Make or Place My Orders in Orders Now From the PC – Step by step guide

Sometimes, when we don’t feel like making a meal at home, either due to tiredness from being in our work or student environment for so long, we always like different delivery order options to satisfy our hunger.

There are a wide variety of companies that were developed for this purpose, among them we have Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, among others. Although in this case we will only talk about the one that has been on the market the longest, this is called Orders Now.

But what happens if for some reason, we do not have our cell phone at hand? Simple, it is necessary to order from our PCs, which is not as complicated as some people may come to believe, and here in Look how it’s done, we will teach you to place your orders in Orders Now, from your PC.

What is Order Now?

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It is an application that reflects the ideals of a company of Uruguayan origin, founded in 2009, which has had great success and therefore the decision was made to reach more Latin American countries, which aims to provide services deliveries from different restaurants to the comfort of your home, accepting both credit card and cash.

How to use Orders Now on a PC?

There are two ways to use it, a simple one and a more complicated one, starting with the latter, is through using an Android emulator, generally using the so-called «Bluestacks«which can be downloaded. This option is useful for those people who, apart from this application, need to use another that does not have an official version for PC.

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The next option is simpler and not so complicated, ideal for those cases in which it is simply not possible to have the cell phone in our hands, either for different reasons, because this company has a web platform, which you can enter without so many complications, of course this is It is necessary to have an internet connection to use it without any problem.

Before you start ordering, you need to be registered or that you register on the website, so that the company can contact you in case of any inconvenience, such as that your order is not available due to lack of inventory, or that it is a bit difficult to find the address of your home.

  1. Once it is on your PC, you must go to your preferred browser and enter it.
  2. Once inside the browser, you go to the search bar and you write «OrdersNow». Of course, it depends on where you are in the world, this is going to self-direct towards your area.
  3. In it, you only have to enter the address in which the delivery will be delivered.
  4. The next step is where all the restaurants that come to your house will be shown, or well up to the address you entered previously.
  5. Just that press the restaurant of your choice and then select the food you prefer to order.
  6. After this selection, the page will direct you to the payment options, where you must enter your data, as usual and continue.
  7. Once all these steps have been completed, I will send you a pop-up message explaining that the order has already been confirmed, where you just have to wait at home for your food to arrive.

What else can I do with Order Now?

Once you have your order on hand, it means that everything went well and since you are officially registered on the website, you can evaluate the restaurant so that in the future, other users will take your opinion into account.

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And it should be noted that it is not only designed for delivery in restaurants, as this platform is multivertical allowing us to place orders in supermarkets, pharmacies, liquor stores and even in pet stores.

It must be taken into account that if you are new to these forms of orders, there is the possibility that orders have not yet made deliveries to your home, therefore the registration modality is fulfilled before placing an order.

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