How to Make or Put an Absolute Black Background in Photoshop Easily (Example)

Tired of photographing on a black background only to find that when looking at your photograph, the background is not totally black? Somehow, almost inexplicable, when you look closely at that seemingly pure black, it now looks like a grayish blue or ugly gray. Read this post until the end so that you learn how to make or put an absolute black background in Photoshop easily.

There is an easy way for your photos to remain with a pure black background that will contrast harmoniously with the backgrounds where you place it, without sacrificing valuable image detail.

dog in the alps

How to make an absolute black background in Photoshop easily

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The easiest way to put a pure black background is by using the «Brush» tool. To do this, follow the steps that we will describe below without losing any details:

  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Then open that photo to which you want to place the blackened background. For faster use the shortcut: CTRL + O.
  3. Then select the image you want and click «To open».
  4. If you see a tool that looks like a magic wand, click and hold for 2 seconds. When you release the click, it should a drop-down menu will appear of tools available.
  5. Choose the “Quick Selection”.
  6. Position the mouse pointer on top of the foreground image. Click and drag across the body of the image.
  7. If the image has a lot of detail, click and drag small areas, instead of trying to cover it all at once.
  8. Finally, with all the parts of the image already selected, you can click on the bottom of the selection and drag to increase the selection.
  9. Continue until there is a dotted line around your foreground image.
  10. If the quick selection tool highlights an area outside of the image, click the brush «Subtract». It looks like the quick select tool, but it has a «-» next to it.
  11. Click on «Refine edge”.
  12. Brand «Smart radio«It is in the section»Edge detection«from the dialog box.
  13. Adjust the radio slider left or right. Pay attention to how it looks in your image.
  14. When you have the refined edge, click «To accept».
  15. Right click on the background of the image. A pop-up menu will appear.
  16. Click on «Select inverse”.
  17. Then click «Cap».
  18. Click on «New fill layer”.

Black background

  1. Press «Solid color«
  2. And the drop down menu «Colour».
  3. Another click on the “Black color”.
  4. Confirm in «Okay».
  5. Refine your choice of color. Use the color picker tool to adjust the color to the tone you want (at the most absolute or intense).
  6. Click on «Ok». And immediately the background of the image will turn black.
  7. Click on «File» in the menu bar and «Keep» or «Save as... ”In the drop-down menu to save your changes.

How to check the black background of your image

If you want to check if your image end will look perfect in pure black, like on a gray web page, for example, you can check it as follows:

  • Open the image you just saved.
  • Right click on the background of the image with Photoshop.
  • Click on: «Select custom color» Y select black.
  • Now you can see where it might need adjustments. If you see a border around your image, you should remove it. Seeks «Preferences» from the menu and select «Interface». In the frame «Appearance» at the top, change all border options to «None».

dog with black background

Following these simple steps to put a black background in photoshop to your images to impress. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop and Do not forget to share this post, also, leave us your opinions and suggestions in the comment box, it would help us a lot to continue growing.

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