How to Make Phone Calls to My Contacts with Google Home (Example)

It is well known that to make phone calls using the smart assistant of Google Home, It is something you long for, therefore, it is explained to you how to do it. It is another of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

Google Home is the connection platform between your devices, the assistant is one of the most useful tools in this system, here it explains how to make calls. Sure, as long as you know how to use and configure the Google Home device as such.

Phone calls with Google Home

This tool has always been very useful from the day of its launch, therefore, it is good to know until the latest update you have. In this case, it talks about how to make phone calls with these great devices and their google smart assistant.


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First, you must obtain the Google Home application from the Play Store, of course, in case you do not have it already downloaded, if so, skip this step.

Start by entering the application, you must look for the button «Setting«, Once inside, enter»More settings«While there, select a device.

Whenever you want to make calls with all the Google devices you have at home, you must repeat this configuration with each one. Here you can also adjust the settings to view and control the PC with your Android with Google Home.

Well, now that you are in the device section, you must activate the slider of the option «Personal results”, Allowing Google to see your contact information.

Go back to the main menu screen and select “Settings«>»Accounts and privacy«, You should look for the option»Google activity controls”.

Within this section, you should check that the section of «Device Information”Is activated, otherwise, enter and activate it.

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Once this is done, you will be able to make calls to your contacts using the initial command plus the call indicator phrase «Ok Google, call Pedro”.

If you have several numbers within the contact, you must say which one to call specifically, for example, “Ok Google, call Pedro’s home / mobile / work«

These options work for you if you have an Android device, which due to its configuration is somewhat more compatible with Google tools. In case you have an iPhone, the settings change a bit, but it is still simple, it is explained quickly.


Start by downloading the Google Home app, accessing it if you already have it, go to the settings menu, the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

Once there, enter «More settings«, Select the device you want to configure, you must activate the slider of»Personal results”.

Now, download the Google Assistant app from the App Store and set it up with the same email account that Google Home has.

Once this is done, you must make a call command, for example, «Ok Google, call Victoria«If the assistant has the permissions, the call will be made.

Otherwise, a request for permission from the assistant to access your contacts will appear on your cell phone, grant it and voila, you can make phone calls with your Google Home.

Some tips to improve your phone call experience

When making calls, you should know that your phone number will be shown as if it were not registered, you should handle this possibility depending on who are you going to call.

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You can notify before making the call, so that people know that it is you, so you avoid not answering the call.

This option works perfectly for calling restaurants or services, you can do it in two ways, instructing the assistant to call a specific site.

With the command «Ok Google, call Pizza Hut”Or you can ask for a site and then tell Google to make the call.

The latter is a great tool, considering that you can ask for the site, with the description or address, in case you don’t remember the name.

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