How to Make Pivot Tables in Excel with Graphs step by step (Example)

The way we have to work in different projects It is very different from what we had a couple of decades ago, due to the tools we have to help us work.

In the past, we had to do a lot of spreadsheet work by hand, with the help of a calculator, and running all the reports on a typewriter for a professional touch.

Fortunately, all of that has been left behind, because many of these past processes were extremely slow and often did not allow space for a mistake to be made, being very common in the second generation.

Also, thanks to the tools that are in today’s personal computers, we can be much more relaxed when it comes to work.

A computer can be found in any workplace or in any home, and it has all kinds of programs to perform any kind of tasks. job.

If we talk about fully executive work, we have one of the best office suites that have come out: Microsoft Office; a suite of programs that give you the opportunity to write, present, enter data into spreadsheets, and much more.

And, it is through the spreadsheet program, Excel, that we can do much of the heavy lifting that was previously done in weeks of hard work.

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With the latter in mind, we can do lots of complicated work in just a couple of hours thanks to Excel, due to all the tools it has to make a much easier calculation process.

Given this, it is useful to be able to know all the tools available to work with Excel effectively, therefore, below we will talk a little about one of the tools that it has Excel for you, which are pivot tables.

How to create a pivot table in Excel?

Pivot tables are an option that Excel has to be able to perform calculations in a specific way, as well as graphs, all shown in a quite comfortable way for the user.

Through these tables we can enter large amounts of data in order to perform simple calculations through their columns or rows, which leaves us with a Excellent overview of the final accounts we need through the data.

In order to make a pivot table, you have to enter the data in the Excel cells, making labels of what each data or value belonging to each row or column is.

Each of these data must be entered smartly and with attention to detail, and once that is ready you have to select all the cells you want within the pivot table.

Now, when all the cells are shaded, you should go to the menu “Insert“And select the option”Dynamic table”. And, within the options that will appear on the screen, you must click on “Select a table or range”.

Within the table or range option, indicate the same, indicate where you want the dynamic table report to be placed by selecting “new spreadsheet” if you do not have a previously assembled to finally accept.

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How to create a dynamic chart?

The charts that can be made from a pivot table are called pivot charts, and they can be made in an extremely simple way.

First, you must select the cells that you want to represent the graph, and then click on the upper option of “Insert“And then in”Dynamic graph”To finally accept and view the graph that has been created from the data.

Remember that you can always arrange things a bit in the cells or through the dynamic graphics options so that they are exactly how you want.

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