How to Make Safe Shipments in Wallapop with Wallapop Protect and Avoid Mishaps

You love to enjoy the sale and purchase offered by Wallapop, because find out that the platform has created Wallapop Protect for your safety. In this way the platform allows you make safe shipments in Wallapop with Wallapop Protect and avoid mishaps that can be unpleasant.

As you have to know, Wallapop was only in charge of contacting the seller and the buyer, so that they could finalize the sale business. It also counted separately, with the shipping service, to guarantee the delivery of a product to the buyer. But Wallapop has been commissioned to merge these two services into, “Wallapop Protect” to expedite and guarantee product delivery.

For this reason, we will explain to you what is Wallapop Protect? How does it work And how to make safe shipments with Wallapop Protect? Among others Practical tips that we will also supply you, so that you can use this trading platform correctly from your computer or PC.

Wallapop Protect What is it?

It is a new functionality offered by the Wallapop platform, which gives users the security of buying and selling product. Wallapop Protect is obtained from the union of Wallapay and Wallapop shipping, together with the collaboration of the post office, to guarantee a quality service.

How does Wallapop Protect secure shipping work?

When the user purchases an item and makes the deposit for a secure shipment with Wallapop Protect, it is protects in a bank deposit. In this way the money is not deposited to the seller, until the buyer receives the package in good condition.

wallapop order delivery

Of course, to make a purchase through Wallapop Protect, you have to register a credit card in Wallapop, taking the following steps:

  • The first thing is to download the Wallapop app on your mobile device.
  • After creating your account, you must log into the platform.
  • When entering, you will have to go to the menu, option “Shipping”.
  • Then select “Bank details”, and enter the credit card details.
  • After your card is verified, you will get a “blue button”.

Once these steps have been carried out, when making a purchase through Wallapop, the blue button will appear, which you must press to finalize the sale. Then you will have to complete a form with your address, postal code and town to receive the item, and make the payment of the secure shipment.

Sellers, for their part, must select if they want streamline your sales and secure shipments through Wallapop Protect. It is important that the seller provides the shipping service with the dimensions and weight of the item, since each weight has a price.

How safe is shipping with Wallapop Protect

Wallapop wants its users to enjoy making their buy and sell safelyTherefore, I create this new modality for your safety. But you may wonder, are shipments safe with Wallapop Protect and avoid mishaps? Well, here we will give you a satisfactory answer, for when you register an account in Wallapop, use Wallapop Protect.

  • When you pay for a product, the platform will protect your payment until the seller delivers the product.
  • It gives you a time of 48 hours to verify that the product is in good condition and is what you ordered.

completing the submission form

  • When it is verified that the sale has been a success, the money is transferred to the seller.
  • In case the seller does not fulfill his part of the transaction, the money is refunded to the buyer.

This is clear proof that they can make secure shipments in Wallapop Protect, and thus the buyer avoids mishaps. But what about the seller, what security Wallapop Protect gives you, and how it guarantees you that you will not be scammed by the buyer, here is the answer:

  • If the buyer makes a claim, Wallapop will proceed to conduct an investigation to resolve the dispute.
  • During the dispute, necessary information will be provided, to know who is lying and who is right.
  • In this way, a decision will be made in favor of the one who is right, although the decision may be incorrect, due to lack of evidence.

This is all for today, we hope the information will be useful to you and you decide on the Wallapop Protect platform.

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