How to Make Scissors or Shears in Minecraft? – Crafting Scissors – Scissors Minecraft (Example)

Minecraft is one of the best games of this era. This is so due to its large number of updates. With these come new items, biomes, among others. For that reason and because there is a lot of content in the game, it is good that you learn everything little by little. As for example to make scissors or shears in Minecraft.

And it is that, when it comes to content, Minecraft is the king of items, with hundreds that come ready-made and a few others that come out of combinations. This game can seem overwhelming to novice players, so learning the trick is the best strategy.

Materials needed for the construction of scissors

Before you start make scissors or shears in Minecraft like all an amateur. DYou must learn what you need to carry out the process.

This is very simple, all you need are iron ingots. To crafter the iron ingots, you must first chop an iron block. Which comes out or is generated in the game naturally and can be found in any type of cavern.

They usually come in groups of 4 to 6, so mining a large number of them in a short time is very simple. They can be chopped with stone picks onwards, since the wooden ones will not work on them.

enchanted minecraft scissors

Once you have obtained this item, you must proceed to melt it to obtain the necessary ingots. You achieve this by creating the furnace or a melting furnace and placing fuel in it so that it melts the block and automatically converts it into an ingot, which you only have to select to grab.

In order to make the oven, you must place a stone in all the squares of a work table except the one in the middle (number two in the second row).

Once you have obtained your iron ingots (you will only need two), you can proceed to make some scissors or shears in Minecraft quickly.

Make scissors or shears in Minecraft

Now, after you have completed all the previous process, it is time for you to place the ingots in the order that they go to create the scissors. This is the simplest of all, since you don’t even need a work table.

Only just place the ingots diagonally, that is, in the area of ​​the four boxes that appear in the inventory. Put an ingot in the second box of row one and another in the first box of row two and voila, the scissors will appear that will be saved when touched.


Scissors have various uses within the game, such as: be able to shear the sheep in order to obtain more wool without having to kill them (the same happens with cows that have fungi).

What’s more, scissors allow you to cut plants, shrubs and cobwebs without breaking them, that is, you will have the blocks of them.

rails and scissors

Also, they have the peculiarity that joining them with a map on a work table (you just have to put one next to the other), the zoom of said map will be increased (which is convenient in many cases) and the scissors will only be damaged a little.

Finally, you should know that this item can also be enchanted with some spells such as: silk touch, unbreakable, the enchantment of repair and efficiency.

And ready with this you know what you need to be able to make scissors or shears in Minecraft. It’s time for you to settle into your chair or bed and start using this great item, which will allow you to expand your adventure and even the way you decorate your home. Because with knowledge everything in the world is completely possible (even carving pumpkins in Minecraft to make decorations).

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