How to Make Slides Auto Flip in PowerPoint

The issue of professionalism is a constant when we talk about a presentation, all by default always seek to give the best image of themselves. In the same way as it seeks to create a professional design, it is sought that the presentation that is made, run with the highest levels of professionalism possible.

The effort put into some slides would be worth nothing, whether in the usual way on the computer, or in the online mode of Microsoft Office, if at the time of exposing the ideas and explaining the symbolized and conceptualized elements in the slides, it becomes an act of coarseness and rawness. To this end it is necessary to know how to make slides auto-flip in Power Point.

PowerPoint slideshows and their drawbacks

There are general criteria of great importance on the question of presentations, which come in addition to that of the slide show automation. These criteria correspond to the aesthetic details that must be present in the slide, and that must be taken care of at all costs to keep the margin of excellence high.

One of them will be the design, change the theme or design of a slide in Power Point could be vital for the subsistence of general aesthetics. And not only this, the design of the slide will also play an important role with respect to the transition elements and the automation of the same.

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Let’s take it to more direct words to make everything more digestible. For example, if you want to run a presentation on wallpapers, and they are done in Power Point, it should be borne in mind that the style used on the design affects the mode of carry out the transition of slides and their respective automation.

Thus, a sober design will merit an automation and transition in the same category, where the change between slides can be seen with subtlety. In antithesis to this, yes leans towards bizarre designs and formats, when the presentation with transition in the same tuning is automatically passed, it can be a distraction, causing the observer’s attention to be lost.

Positive aspect of slide automation

Make the Slides auto-slide in Power PointTherefore, it will be a reaffirmation of its quality. Not only is professionalism appreciated in the way in which the design of the slides is structured, they will also be made by the degree of detail that is applied to all their visual details and the attraction of the viewer.

Being subject to the arbitrariness of another, is not comfortable or advisable, it cannot be expected that it is a third party who keep track of the passage of slides. This greatly violates the authority of the rapporteur, as well as lowers points in terms of stylization of the process.

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The step of the slides must fall therefore in the author and speaker of the same. Where your presentation is a properly planned and rehearsed event. Leaving aside all possibility of entanglements and dependencies on others. For this, Powerpoint gives us the possibility to make the slides run automatically.

How to make slides auto flip in PowerPoint

This is accomplished with a simple modification of the slide transitions in PowerPoint, that is, of the slides. But we must bear in mind that the time interval in which these transitions are executed will be at our discretion and therefore subject to individual responsibility.

It may happen that when the slides are passed on their own, some take longer to be explained, which causes them to be pass automatically as long as the explanation continues of the immediate previous one, reason why caution must be observed. It can be configured as follows:

  • Select the slide in question.
  • In the transitions section. Find the section “Advance to slide”, once there, execute the option to deactivate the “on click” setting.
  • Modify the time to convenience. In the “After” section
  • Do the same for all the slides.

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