How to Make Slides Repeat in PowerPoint Automatically? (Example) | See how it’s done

PowerPoint is one of the best optimized Office programs. This is so, because it is among the most used worldwide to create presentations. Everyone thinks they know this application completely, but actually it hides some tricks for the jobs, so today you will see how to make slides repeat in PowerPoint.

And it is that, when it comes to the Microsoft office applications, you can never trust yourself that you already know all about them. Because, there will always be a section that you have not reviewed, and that contains all kinds of tools that can turn your presentation into that of a professional (such as adding numbers to a slide).

What is a slide?

So that you can understand the complete process that will allow you to repeat the slides in PowerPoint, you need a little information about this program (to get off to a good start).

The first thing you should know is what is this happy slide? Without going too far into the subject, they are basically sheets that contain placeholders.

These markers are the dotted boxes that allow you to add text, images, among other things to the document in question. To insert these sheets and make your presentation bigger, you just have to click on the button called “New slide”.

This is in the upper left part of the screen, once you press it, you will notice that a drop-down will appear in which you can choose the style you want the slide to have (for example you can put or add custom borders).

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As you go through the creation of each slide, you can see your progress in the form of a presentation, by pressing the sign like a whiteboard that is in the bottom bar of the screen.

How to make slides repeat in PowerPoint?

Now that you know a bit of information about what these sheets are, it’s time for you to start repeating the slides in PowerPoint (this, if you’ve finished your presentation, of course).

To achieve this, you first have to select the option called “Slide presentation” (it’s at the top), once there, choose the section called “Slideshow Settings.”

This will open a new window named “Presentation settings”, inside it seeks “Presentation options” and click on it.

Finally enable the box “Repeat continuously until ESC”, and press “To accept”To confirm the changes. Optionally you can give the window “Files”And from there to “Save as”, so that your presentation is on your computer at once (better safe than sorry).

What is this option for? And what benefits does it bring?

Basically, this selection allows presentations (no matter what length), not to stop or stop on the last slide as they always do. If not, they will continue to roll as if it were a movie, until anyone presses the ESC key on the corresponding keyboard.

This function is very useful for those who need to repeat a presentation several times for the same audience, or also for people who want to insert a PowerPoint slide show in Blogger, or any other site.

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In addition, it also helps to give your work a neat touch, because it shows the level of editing and commitment that you put into it when it came to doing it (most PowerPoint users don’t even know this trick exists). With that last thing you read, you already know what it takes to be able to quickly and easily repeat slides in PowerPoint (It literally doesn’t take five minutes).

It’s time for you to go to your show, and start editing your slides to add this feature to them. Be assured that with that, your presentation will not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone.

Remember that as this function there are many more that allow you, for example, to create a Pop-up window in PowerPoint, so do not stop learning here, look for more information.

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