How to Make Square Videos for Facebook on Mac or Windows with Keynote

In the XXI century we have advanced both in technology, in telecommunications and most of all in the social media.

Respectively speaking, the visual attraction of the public It is important both for new pages and for advertising ads on internet pages, thus we come to the creation of colorful images in a certain format or the creation of square-shaped videos for Facebook visitors.

Since these types of videos are predetermined for Smartphones, facilitating the view of the observer and thus giving priority to other matters, we have the luxury of establishing a video in square shape so that the weight is less and giving us the opportunity to publish it on any page without difficulty, drawing people’s attention and thus bringing many people with a good video arrangement.

How to make square format videos for Facebook with Keynote?

First of all, we are going to look for the application in our MAC to make sure we make a good video, if we do not have it installed we can search for it in the browser or download it in the AppStore.

Usually in MAC computers the application of Keynote by default, if not, we just have to look for it.

white background keynote presentation

Given the case that we already have it, we are going to open the application and become familiar with it, if we know about Windows applications we can see that the MAC Keynote is very similar to the application called Windows Power Point, bringing more options on the cinematography or video side, letting us know the best part of video creation.

Showing the application, already open, we will notice that they give us options to choose from in the background, such as a moving landscape to the architecture of certain areas, or the most simple and preferred, simple background colors so as not to overload our theme.

Since we want to make a square-shaped video 640 high x 640 wide, for example. We will go to a button located on the right of the screen in order to modify the size of the slide.

We look for the option and select the custom size for our work. Once this is done, we can take our first steps in Keynote.

Get started in Keynote

We add the first video in our tab regardless of the type of video or the format, if we have recorded it on our SmartPhone, computer or a professional camera, it will be just as simple to upload it to our application for so edit it.

After watching the video on our slide, we are going to make the necessary settings so that it runs without pause, thus we reveal the true potential of the application.

Just when we have everything added, the video and if we want to place some descriptive text for our comfort and that of the viewer on Facebook, we go to the text tab and add what is necessary.

This done, let’s go to video tab and we are checking or removing the options. First we will see the information of the video file and its name, anything we do not want this video, we select and change, the settings will remain.

Below we will see the volume controls, if we want the audio to be heard or not, we just mute it. Then we will see one of the most important boxes for video editing, we will have the option to cut and paste the video at our convenience, parts that we do not want from the same or add a cut from another video, here it gives us that option.

keynote app devices

And the final box is quite important, if we do not want the video to start again just when it ends and a loop is created, we must deactivate the repetition and make our video start as soon as it is selected.

Given all the steps, we are going to save the video to test our “Square Video” so to speak and advance our post for Facebook.

Any other change that you decide to make that does not appear in our application, we have others like iMovie that will give us a wide range of options regarding how to edit videos in a more linear way. Once the steps are finished, we can put the video on Facebook and let people see it.

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