How to Make Striking Texts with Effects Online with Pixlr – Step by Step

Pixlr is the most widely used online image editor in the world, with functions such as filters, texts or adding photos from our pc, website or phones. If you want to learn how to use Pixlr, this guide can help you. Next, we will show you how to make eye-catching texts and add some effects to them.

Make the best eye-catching texts

Our images or ads can be more striking with the option to add text that Pixlr offers, there are many options to choose from depending on the taste of each person. If you also want to add your own watermark, this article can help you. The steps to add the texts are as follows:

  • Once we are on Pixlr with our image, we will click on add text what does it mean add textThis will open a menu that will allow us to write what we want or put a text that the page offers.
  • The most striking and recommended types of fonts are: Aberus, Bahram, Carvino, Hippo Letto, Maldisa, Adeft, Demodus, Emery, and Hadrea.
  • It should be noted that the texts can be enlarged; They can be put anywhere, we can configure their transparency, space between line and letter, also fill inside, curve and put shadows. If you want to know how to rotate, edit the image and layer this tutorial article we did it a few days ago.

edit photos with texts in pixlr

  • In our case, we are going to use an image of a Chilean mountain, as it is a very striking landscape, we will quote a short poem.
  • Already put the prayer in the image, the we configure to our liking, we give it to apply and it would be like that.

Add effects to enhance the image

The effects in the photos are of great help in our images since they give a professional touch and sometimes change some nuances in the colors that do not convince us. Pixlr offers us many effects, these are the steps to choose them and to further improve our image with text:

  • In the menu on the left a little further down we will give you where it says effect, it will automatically open a list of effects.
  • The list brings 12 kinds of effects, each with its own characteristic, among them are the effects, urban, natural, old, shadow, colors.
  • We must choose the one that most closely resembles our image, there are a variety of effects with vivid colors, there are also a variety of less vivid effects and even effects that can make your image black and white, here the main ones of each one:
  • In the case of images with vivid colors, the best effects would be Instage, Colors, Tuning, and Shades since they are the ones with the most colors that contrast with our image.
  • If the case were that our image was less colorful or we wanted a less striking touch the best effects are Too-old, Retro, Urban and Nature.
  • Once we have chosen the style we want to put, within the application there are many others for each style, it is advisable to see all of them to see which one is compatible with our image.
  • In our case we chose the Instage style and once inside we choose the model Doug, the contrast it makes with the water and the mountains is very striking, this means that people are going to see our image and obviously our text. It would be like this.

edit image and text with pixlr

As you can see, Pixlr is our best friend when it comes to add texts to our images and supplement them with effects. All this is of great help if we want to advertise, or simply upload a good one.

We have given you the best fonts you can use and the method of applying filters to each image. The best of all is that it is not necessary download Pixlr since it is totally online; also, following our steps will make it more fun to make art and content for the internet.

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