How to Make Text or Font Size Bigger on iPad or iPhone

A mobile phone should always be as accessible as possible for its user, because if a user has some type of impediment to be able to use a mobile correctly, he will simply lose all experience of it and the developers will have lost a potential client .

In view of how a person may need greater accessibility to a mobile, Many manufacturers have chosen to go to great lengths to make their mobiles much easier to use. Either through special commands or through a simple user interface, you have the opportunity to fill a gap in a very large population of buyers.

In fact, if you want a good example of an operating system that has managed to handle that, let’s mention the operating system Apple iOS. It has not only been acclaimed worldwide for its simplicity, but also for the inherent accessibility of this operating system, which is highly attractive to anyone.

One of the missions of Apple through its iOS, is that it is the simplest to use to be able to reach all possible user populations, and they have been able to do it in a way that no other operating system has been able to.

In fact, they have been able to be attractive to an entire population that has problems seeing or reading, because through their options of accessibility, It is possible to go directly to its options to be able to make the font larger, if you or someone else needs it, and that is what we will talk about next in the next tutorial.

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Why change the lyrics?

Whether you have vision problem, that you want to help your grandmother to be able to read better what is on the screen or you simply want to show a message from one side of a room to the other not only by zooming the screen, it is totally possible to change the size of the letter or font within any iOS device you have.

The process, really, is the same whether you have a iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch, and due to how the font size works, this process will help you change the font size that is in most iOS applications, but you must bear in mind that it is possible to modify the font size through of the settings of a specific app. And you can even change the font of your letter.

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How to change the font size of your iOS device?

Make the change font size on an iOS device It is something extremely fast and simple that you can do whenever you have the need for it. For this, you must go directly into the ‘Settings’ part of your iPhone, characterized by being a gray button with some gears.

Once you enter, you must go to the part that says’Display and brightness‘, where you will find a section that tells you about the’Text size‘. Here, you must select the font size that you feel most comfortable with and accept the new settings.

Although in this last option you will find that the size of the letter is a bit limited, it is possible to make it much larger if you require it. For this, enter the Accessibility menu again, and in the section ‘Screen and text size’ you will have to enter the option ‘Larger text‘.

Once you are in here, you have to see the font sizes that you like the most among those that are there, which are the largest, select the one you want and continue, although you must bear in mind that if you put the letter in a too large size, it will be very difficult for you to navigate on your mobile. It should be noted that this configuration also applies to other mobile applications such as WhatsApp.

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