How to Make the Brush Reveal or Animated Brush Effect in Premiere Pro

The animated brush stroke effect It is repeatedly used in video editing, many Premiere Pro users use it to create dynamic and entertaining content. It is an effect that this program brings to make animations and audiovisual presentations.

Making or using the animated brushstroke effect, also known as Brush Reveal, is a very simple process of editing in Premiere Pro. Here we will explain how to apply this effect so that you can edit your videos in the best way and easily, keep reading.

How to make the Brush Reveal effect or animated brush stroke in Premiere Pro?

In order to use the animated brushstroke effect in Premiere Pro We must have a complete material of several images, which can be videos or simply a photo, as well as different image formats can be used, and this is to be taken as a basis.

But first, let’s the Brush Reveal tool, teaching how to use it and then later we will advise you what you should take as a basis to make a good edition with this effect.

The first thing we are going to do is download brush effect, or brush, which you can find in a download if you want to get it online, and we are going to introduce it in our sequence.

The second thing we are going to do is go to the effect search engine, located in the lower left part of our screen, and we will look for the effect of ‘Inlay by matte track’. We click on it and apply it to the sequence channel.

make brush reveal effect or brush stroke with premiere pro

In the upper middle left, we are going to slide the window of this effect and configure where it says ‘Composite using …’ And we will choose ‘Matte luminance’. After this you can add the slow motion effect to it if you want to give it a temporary change.

What should I take as a basis for making the animated brushstroke effect in Premiere Pro?

After having understood the mechanism by which the animated brushstroke effect is activated, the rest of the process includes very simple steps in Premiere Pro.

As we said in the previous section, a complete editing material is necessary, so that you can superimpose some sequences on others, as well as interconnect channels within Premiere Pro for a more elaborate editing.

In this material we are going to try to compose what we want, and it can then be an image, which you will have to focus on the Premiere Pro worksheet, as well as be multiple images or text you want to use.

In addition, you can use a clip or video as a base and the work to be done in Premier Pro will only consist of editing it, adding or making the Brush Reveal effect we are talking about.

In this sense, you can use the materials that seem to you and serve your editing interests, and you are also free to decide what other effects add you to work in Premiere Pro.

With the latter we mean that you can make the modifications you want with the audiovisual material you prefer, being able to change the color to the video or applying color tones that help style and aesthetics.

What is the use of the Brush Reveal effect or animated brush stroke in Premiere Pro?

Making the Brush Reveal effect in Premiere Pro is an interesting topic, the way of editing of each personBased on your interests and purposes, they will determine how useful this tool is.

brush stroke effect from laptop in premiere pro

Maybe to a Premiere Pro user he does not like this type of effect for some personal reason, or because it does not suit his work.

But there are also users who want to use and learn to manage an effect like this. And these too they will have their reasons; They may make explanatory videos and, to change from one sheet to another, they resort to this effect.

As it may also be that you like editing animated effects in general, and have fun running them in your edits, like doing an animated blast in Premiere Pro, and the like.

But the truth is that this effect can serve a great variety of purposes, going to explanatory videos to others where it is intended to publicize a landscape or tourist site. You can try it and you will see what it is for.

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