How to Make the Chroma Key or Green Screen Effect in Sony Vegas Pro – Simple Tutorial

There are multiple options when we talk about editing videos, but to do it in a faster and easier way there is Sony Vegas Pro, previously called VEGAS Pro, as many know it is a software for editing videos in a non-linear way, and also works as an audio editor designed for PC.

But exactly its orientation is totally to professional videos, since has a large consumer and public market. It offers us a video and audio editing in real time, and not only that, it also has multiple tracks added for different tastes.

Sony Vegas Pro, like most professional video editors, offers a so to speak “non-destructive” editing of any video format that is recognized, that is, files used there are obviously manipulable without altering their content.

Thus, it contains general character creation toolsAs well as conventional transitions, audio filters, and of course a specific and easy-to-use system for creating 3D projects and even slow or fast motion effects.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Sony Vegas Pro

Like any tool or program, it has its good and bad parts, but in the case of this very functional platform, there are more positive options that it offers us in its structure.

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This tool is considered by users to be extremely powerful in its branch, but at the same time it becomes a tool a bit difficult to use for those who do not know it.

That said, it is important to note that it stands out for its high resolution device captures and the large number and variety of useful effects it has to offer.

The best thing about this is that not only videos can be edited, but also texts and images and last but not least, we have the great option of downloading or importing animated files in flash format.

In the same way it contains an excellent interface for maximum enjoyment, a totally stable performance, which makes it one of his favorite functions, and at the end of all work we will get something worthy of a professional.

We can say that its only disadvantage is that we must know the program well when using itAs every tool has its complicated details, and requires a great deal of training to do so, the ideal is to know each and every one of the functions it offers us.

How to edit videos in Sony Vegas Pro

It is important to know some techniques to perform functions within the platform, first of all we go to the initial page of the tool, create a new document, click on ” file ” and then ” new ” at the top of the screen and then press ” ok ”.

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We add our scenes we want to work by clicking on ” file ” then ” import ” and ‘media’, then we select a video and an audio that we prefer to import.

Once we have our audio track for the video, we right click on the panel below the video length, and we click on ” add video track ” and then ” add audio track ”.

We slide the song in the lower track and drag the video to our upper track, you can do whatever you want to cut it, add movements, and to save it you just have to select ” file ” then ” represent as ” and to finish saving it, and there we can see how our video has turned out.

How to Make the Chroma Key or Green Screen Effect in Sony Vegas Pro – Tutorial

As many know green screens are a very creative option and striking and are considered one of the easiest options to use, this tool allows us to do it quickly.

To start we open the main menu of Sony Vegas Pro, we quickly import the green screen videos in track number 1 of the ” timeline ”, now we import the images or videos that we want to replace with the green screen and we place them on track number 2, we adjust the duration of both tracks to our preference.

Finally we go to the color option, and of course we select a green tone, we also make adjustments to the blurring and lighting, and voila, our ” green screen ” edition is complete we click save and we get a preview of it, when saving it is advisable to place the credits to make it more original and save the rights of the content

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