How to Make the Double Exposure Effect in After Effects – Double Exposure film

The double exposure effect in After Effects It is another level of editing, many users want to apply this effect to their videos, and when they do, the procedure is very complicated. However, the process of editing it is not impossible or complicated.

To do the double exposure effect with this program we only need a mouse, the computer, and a lot of patience when editing. Here we will explain in a basic way what you must do to achieve this effect in After Effects, so that you can become the edited object yourself.

How and what do I need to do the Double Exposure effect in After Effects?

To make the effect of double exposure in After Effects The first thing to look for is the visual material that we want to use. To do this, we recommend you record a video of yourself with a white background and lighting that allows you to observe a fairly marked contrast.

After this, you need the background visual material, the one that you are going to use so that it is reflected behind the video you have recorded. This background material should preferably be high definition, and for this you can download it on Videezy, quickly and for free.

The next step is to learn how to make a video with a transparent background in After Effects, that way you can apply it to the visual material where you have recorded yourself.

Then you have to render the contrast material (recorded video), applying all the possible tools for it, to achieve an edition where the brightness is completely lost.

double exposure after effects

And once you have this ready, we can start the editing and creation process of the effect of double exposure in After Effects in a simple, fast and without complications of any kind; Surely at the end of this article, you will be able to get ideas to generate this effect.

How to do the Double Exposure effect in After Effects?

Now, we already have the materials available from our video editor; what we have to do now is start editing. To do this we will create two keyframes, one for each visual material imported into After Effects.

Starting to edit the first keyframe, the recorded video, we are going to remove the brightness in the entire sequence included in it.

After this, we will go to the contrast curve and start playing with it until we achieve what we call high contrast. Also, if you have the plug-gin By generating a mask, which is paid, you can accommodate the light details on the person’s face.

For the latter, what is recommended is to speed up or slow down the video in order to work comfortably. Always remember that patience is crucial for this type of edits.

What remains now is to merge the two videos, but before that you must generate a completely transparent background in the recording material; This is done so that the fusion remains with the subtlety of the double exposure effect.

After merging the videos in question, you will have to qualify with particle filters, generating an effect where the fusion is as subtle as possible.

What is After Effects Double Exposure Film used for?

With After Effects remember that you can make a variety of edits As for videos, this tool not only allows you to edit a number of useful things for amateurs, but it also represents a very attractive option for those who are looking for more, especially professional users.

make double exposure film effect

In this sense, it can be said that the editions made with this program are for different purposes, in fact, there are film professionals who recommend it.

In general, the program is used by short film editors who are beginning to improve their skills. as for the filming.

After Effects Double Exposure Film is a way to generate more knowledge, as well as entertainment for those film beginners, so learning to do it in the best way represents a fun challenge for them.

This type of effects requires a great knowledge of the program, as well as that the user can understand it. Therefore, you can change the language of After Effects, so that it does not cause problems when using this amazing effect.

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