How to Make the Exiting Screen Effect in After Effects Easily (Examples)

After Effects is a motion graphics and digital composition software created by Adobe, its function is to create the post-production of moving images. Also with this program you can create animations compositions, alter and at the same time create components in 2D AND 3D. You can download it here

This program uses a non-linear editing system, it also includes the traditional layer system incorporating adobe. Together it contains a large number of tools, effects and filters that allow diverse creations for videos.

Its function is create audiovisual designsIt is also known as one of the most popular software that exists for video post-production. Together, this program has a wide library of plugins, they allow the software to have additional functions.

After Effects allows you to easily create the effect out of the screen

First of all it must open the application and import the items. In this case, one of the files is the computer’s travel (image in front of a computer) and the other is what will appear on the computer (image of the computer where a sheet of the screen will stick out).

After Effects keyboard screen effect

The first image should be placed in a new composition and the second is positioned right at the top.

Then it focuses on the first one and must be entered in the “Windows” and select “tracker” and in that panel you have to select “camera track”. Then you have to go to the tab “advanced” and place “Detailed analysis” to make a better track. Once finished, the points of what you want to protrude from the screen are selected.

This must be done by pressing the right click to create a “null and a camera”After this is done, the file that will appear on the screen has to be placed in 3D. Then the position of the null must be copied and pasted in the box that will appear on the screen.

In turn, a mask must be created and selected to match the computer chart. By the time the blade comes out it must “duplicate the layer” and it is going to be cut and with the “pen” tool only the sheet will be selected and then another mask must be created only for the sheet.

character animation in After Effects, laptop, android

The layer should be trimmed only to the point where the sheet comes out then it is selected “mask path” and a “kibrenalis” and the points have to be moved as the video progresses to create the output effect.

How to create the exit screen effect continued

At the end, the “feder” to leave it at 10 and the layer is duplicated and you have to lower it a little to create the effect of the sheet moving downwards as if it were leaving the screen. Then a “kibrenalis in position”.

The kibrenalis is then moved forward in the edit panel and then the sheet layer is raised again. In this way, the animation will look as if the sheet went down and left the screen, it will act as the shadow of the sheet.

Then in the upper panel select “effect” and there the option is sought “generate” and in the submenu select “fill” to select the color that this case would be dark. In this way the shadow will be reflected.

Also select again “effects” and is looking for “Blue & sharpen” to select next “fast bor blur” in which the value is increased and the transfer mode of the layer is changed to “overlay” and ready. In this way the effect will be created.

In short, being able to know the steps to perform the exit-screen effect is a good option for editors who want to correctly apply the effect to their creations, you don’t have to be an expert to achieve it.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to make the effect by leaving the screen in After Effects? Do you know of another method to carry out this process? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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