How to make the Ghost Effect in Photoshop for Professional Images

Get the Ghost or Ghost effect Editing a photo is simple, we can achieve it by using several Photoshop tools together. Putting this effect on photos consists of selecting a photo and adding distortion to it, everything else corresponds to other fine adjustments.

In this article we will explain how to use or achieve the Ghost effect, we will show you what are the tools to use to generate this effect. If you follow this little tutorial you will be able to get it, and thus edit the photos with the effect using Photoshop. Keep reading.

How Professional Photo Editing Works

Professional photo editing, is responsible for fixing and improving any type of imperfection in an image. This applies to a myriad of issues, but generally in the professional field, this is used to promote a product.

Through programs like Photoshop, it is possible to create perfect images, which on many occasions can be even fanciful. To achieve this, a photo editing program uses a number of tools. Each one specialized in something specific like brightness, opacity and contrast.

What are the uses you can give the Ghost effect?

The Ghost effect is widely used these days, and its uses are not focused on just one thing. So we can use it repeatedly which we will detail below.

Improve your product catalogs

Although this is not very common, there are cases where you can use the Ghost effect to give an innovative view to your catalogs. This is due to the unusualness of the effect, which causes the user to be intrigued and invited to continue reading.

Scare your friends

As you know, the Ghost effect try to transform a person into a ghost, this way you can give a gloomy effect to the image. For this reason, if you want to give your friends or acquaintances a good scare, you can use this effect on a photo of yourself and then send it to your contacts.

How can I make the Ghost effect with Photoshop

To get the Ghost effect you have to follow the following steps, we will explain in detail what you should do and apply using Photoshop; in the end you will surely achieve use this effect as a master of design.

The first thing you should do is put the photo on your worksheet, try to find one where the dark background contrasts with the face or body that is lighter. Then you go to duplicate the image by pressing ‘Ctrl + J’; we right click on the unduplicated photo and select ‘Convert to smart object’.

Then we will go to ‘Filters’ and look for the ‘blur’ option; in the latter we will click on ‘Motion blur’. Here you will establish a angle of 0, plus a distance of 300 pixels, to finally click on ‘OK’.

ghost ghost photoshop child room

Now we go to the selected filter on the right side of our screen, and we will select a brush; the size of the brush should be relatively large, depending on the size of the face, and choose a 20% opacity.

Having selected the black color, you will remove the parts of the face just by pressing on it, clearing the distortion filter a bit. This step is done carefully, without eliminating the entire distorted area, and then applying the adjustments and achieving a true ghost effect.

Among the settings that we are going to use to get the ghost effect on our photo, there is the use of another filter.

In the filter that we have already chosen, we will right click again and select the option of ‘Convert into smart object’.

Then we will go to filter again, clicking on ‘Filter gallery …’; in the distort section that is in the emerged window, we will click on ‘Diffuse glow’.

The settings for this glow are as follows: Grain should be at 9; Glow Capacity at 15; and Amount of clarity in 11. After this, you will click OK. These settings may vary according to the tonality of the image you use, try the hue and set the values ​​that seem best to you.

Now we just have to create a fill and adjustment layer, clicking on the ‘Hue and saturation’ option. We select the ‘Coloring’ window; we put a 95 in Tono; we will mark 12 in saturation; and in luminosity we go down to -14.

And in this way, the Ghost or Ghost effect will be ready. It’s not that complicated and it is entertaining at the time of doing it, as with other similar filters in Photoshop.

More effects you can do in photo editing programs

The ghost effect or Ghost is easy to do, the filters and adjustments used to do it according to our previous explanation, can encourage you to continue editing other types of things and playing with other effects.

If this is your case, and you want to learn more about effects similar to the ghost effect, you can try to make the Glitch effect in Photoshop, creating a cool and interesting image.

For your part, if you want to continue editing in Photoshop, we recommend that you learn to create a realistic effect in water in a simple way with this editor.

You can also apply by a haze effect in Photoshop, to practice the handling tools and filters within the editor as such.

photo with ghost effect

But if you still are not convinced or you do not like Photoshop, you can freely choose the existing alternatives to this image editor, so that you feel more comfortable at the time of edit and apply filters to achieve a ghost effect or Ghost effect.

Dramatic black and white

One of the characteristics of this effect is that when applied, a black and white tone remains on the image. However this is not the traditional black and white, but one much more bleak and dramatic, special for Halloween brochures

Realistic in the water

Another great way to use this effect is near bodies of water, when applying the effect they will not be deformed. This means that you can have a good image and also a very detailed and realistic water at the same time.


Generally the Bokeh effect is achieved in images that are taken in such a way that they look poorly focused in some areas. This makes the viewer focus on only one section of it. For this reason, it is very common to use it in conjunction with the Ghost effect to attract the viewer’s attention to the ghost.


The Glich effect It is currently used to give a modern touch to the image, when applying it we can see how some colors are distorted and others are saturated. This is why we can use it with the ghost effect and achieve a good result when doing this combination of effects.

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