How to Make the Gold or Gold Texture Effect with Adobe Photoshop

The potential you can get out of Photoshop image editing program It is huge, so today you will learn about one more function of this tool. For example, when creating texts you can do it by giving a gold effect to the words, surely, you have already seen it, it is elegant and striking.

So if you want to learn how to make the golden texture effect with Adobe Photoshop continue reading the following article and we will explain it to you.

How can we make the golden or gold texture effect with Adobe Photoshop

To start with the steps and learn how to do the gold effect, you must know the basics of how to use the Photoshop toolbar. Because get a good result it will depend a lot on you knowing where and how to find the different options without getting lost along the way.

There are several ways to achieve that golden texture effect, either by using the layer mask or downloading the texture (.png) In Internet. And if you want, you can also learn to create the text explosion effect to create more impact on your result.

With a discharged golden texture

The first thing to do is search the internet for a png image with the golden texture that interests you and download it. After saving it to your PC, you go to Photoshop and open a new document and choose a measurement.

Then you have to change the name of the layer to “Background” and right there you must select a background color of your preference.

gold word on black background

To execute the color change you are going to use the tool called “Paint pot” located on the left side of the screen.

Then continue to place the text, using the tool “text” or by placing a previously downloaded one on your computer, which must have a transparent background. Then, once you have finished putting the text, you are going to assign the layer, the name “Text”, to finish this step. You must remember that if you are going to import a lettering you know how to rasterize a text layer, because you will have to.

The next thing will be to adjust the size of the imported gold texture to that of the new document and change the name of the layer to “TextureAlso make sure the order of the layers is Texture> Text> Background and then you are going to choose and click on the “Texture” layer.

And you will finish by right clicking and selecting “Create a cutting mask“And voila, you are going to have a composition with a golden texture.

Gold effect with layer styles

It is important to note that if you want to have all the latest updates that Photoshop has, go to the official site. Now, to have a gold effect using the layer styles you have to carefully apply the following:

  • Create a black fill layer
  • Then we proceed to create a text by selecting the text tool
  • After writing the text you are going to turn it yellow, going to the text properties. You are going to choose a dark yellow color and use code b19526.

layered style settings

Okay, so far it has been very simple, but now we will continue with the layer styles, so do the following:

  • You choose the layer with the text and then you go to the bottom of the layers panel and press the FX icon.
  • There you will choose the Bevel and Emboss styles.
  • Then you will adjust the values.

In this step, you should know that there are no generic values, but that you have to adjust it according to the size of your composition and typography. However, you can guide yourself to elaborate that gold effect by applying the following values ​​and then adapting them to your tastes:

  • Size: 4
  • Angle: 75 °
  • Altitude: 26 °
  • Smooth: 0
  • Direction: Up
  • Depth: 325
  • Use global light
  • Style: Inner Miter,
  • Technique: Rounded,
  • Glow Contour: Hoop,
  • Highlight Mode: 50% screen
  • Shadow Mode: multiply 60%

So by following these simple steps and methods you can achieve the golden texture that you want so much for your creations with Adobe Photoshop. And also values ​​have been added to achieve a three-dimensional touch to the text so that it is more real and you achieve that impact with the gold effect.

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