How to Make the GTA Effect or ‘Video Game’ Effect with Photoshop in my Photos

Without a doubt Photoshop is the best option to edit your photos, because it has a large number of effects that will allow you to make great creations. In this you can play with all the textures and tools that it offers.

It also serves for edit your personal photos with the video game effect, which will bring you great fun and you can share it with your friends and the best thing is that doing it is not difficult. For this you will only have to follow a few simple steps that will allow you to create these incredible photos.

What is the GTA effect or ‘video game’ effect all about?

The Photoshop program is key when it comes to editing, it is used to do basic things to the most advanced ones and it is not necessary to be a graphic designer to be able to understand and design in this software. You will only have to download it or use it online for free.

Essentially, this editor used and recommended by professionals, allows you to edit your personal photos and add what you most want. Also to modify other things such as fixing your teeth, eliminating any unwanted stain, even changing the color of your hair.

It should be mentioned, that the video game effect or GTA effect, is named after the renowned game ‘Grand theft auto’. Which shows a very striking effect that has been widely used by fans of it, which has made it more used by the public.

gta effect video game photoshop photos

To use the effect with your photos, you will only have to know the basic way of editing in this program. What is most recommended is that you know how to use the toolbar, which will help you with this process.

How to make the effect of GTA with Photoshop on your photos?

To start you will have to choose the photo you want to edit, then add it to the program by going to ‘File’, press the photo and press ‘Open’. If the photo is very large or you have parts that you don’t like, you can quickly crop it with the cropping box.

Now head over to ‘Layer’, then ‘New’ Name it as you prefer but at the moment we will put it ‘Temp 1’. You will have to press ‘Control, alt, capital E’ on the keyboard to take a screenshot, then go to ‘Image’, to the settings, where we will press ‘Shadows-highlights’, set them to 10% and the lighting to 2% .

Create a new layer which will be named ‘Temp 2’, set the control we mentioned above, go to ‘Filter’, then focus, press ‘Ctrl-F’ to repeat the filter. Change it to ‘Blending Mode’ by bringing it to soft light, then click on ‘Filter’ find the one that says ‘Other’ and select ‘High Pass’ setting the radius to 1.px. Right now press ‘Control-click’ on the Temp 1 layer and use ‘Control-E’ to combine the two layers into one. Go to the filter ‘Stylize’ where we will press on diffusion, setting the mode of ‘Anisotropic’.

Also click edit and transform to rotate 90 degrees AC, then press ‘Control-F’. Repeat this same process again. At this moment set the rotation to 180 degrees, because in focus we will select ‘Soft focus’ you will have to set 250% and the radius at 1.5 px.

The other steps you must follow, to make the GTA effect with Photoshop on your photos

At this point, you will have to look for the ‘Filter’ option and reduce noise, where you will set the intensity at 5, the one for talking details at 0%, the one for color noise at 54% and the one that says to focus details you will leave it at 0%. Use the keyboard to take a screenshot where you will have to select the filter and the filter gallery; look for the one that says artistic and cutout, where they will set the number of levels to 4, the edge to 0 and the fidelity to 3.

gta video game photoshop effect

Set the ‘Blending Mode’ to soft light and place the opacity at 56%. Press ctrl-click, in Temp 2 to have more layers and press ‘Control-e’ managing to combine them. At this time, the colors you want to add will remain, it is recommended that you increase the saturation to give the photo more color.

You can also clarify and modify other aspects To improve it, when you do, you will notice that your photo seems taken from the game itself.

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