How to Make the iPhone Alarm Sound When It is Off (Example)

Since its founding in 1976 at the hands of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne; The Apple company has grown to become the most recognized software and hardware developer offering equipment and services online around the world between 2008 and 2012.

In fact, among the most famous equipment is the iPhone, a high-end mobile device that works through software from the company, called iOS, whose official version is 13.6.1 despite having several versions, although to date the fifth beta version of iOS 14 is already available, only for those who have a developer profile .

Since its version iOS 5 it even has a virtual assistant, called Siri; who is responsible for making the lives of all users much easier through its AI (artificial intelligence) functions; available to date to be an excellent translator and able to learn from user preferences.

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Equipped with the most extensive knowledge, she is capable of sending messages, doing internet searches, making calls, and scheduling meetings, reminders and alarms and even to recognize songs; or if you do not fully trust it, you can do it manually by accessing the Clock, and in the lower menu choose the option ‘Alarm’

With all these characteristics and properties, together with the most recent models launched on the market, each new user may have the following unknown:

Is it possible for the programmed alarm to sound if the equipment is off? The most concrete answer is that it is not possible to do it, although there are tricks in applications developed by third parties.

Alarm features available on iPhone

Among the options available within the alarm, directly in the program developed by Apple, it is possible to place the clock in the control center by going to ‘Settings’, followed by the option ‘Control Center’, and ‘Customize Controls’, that allows us to access the alarm more quickly.

Through the ‘Options’ you can choose the days that are necessary to remind you; such as waking up to go to work or taking a pill at a specific time each day; interday or only on weekends, depending on what you need.

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You can also place names in the ‘Tags’ option and tell Siri to activate the alarms by the name you have placed, such as:

Siri, turn on the ‘Guitar Practice alarm‘and use specific sounds for each of them; It is important to highlight the fact that your alarm will go off after 15 continuous minutes of sounding, unless you deactivate it manually.

Third-party developed options: Sleep Cycle

Although several options are available in the app store, the one we recommend using is Sleep Cycle, as it has a specific feature:

You can set it to ring when the iPhone is reaching 1%; waking up before you run out of alarm because it went off in the middle of the night.

Although this can be annoying, it is important to know that it can be quite useful if; by chance, we have not connected our iPhone to the charger properly, or a power failure has left us without power and we are already asleep; And the best thing is that it has various functions totally free.

The technology of this application identifies through the computer accelerometers in which phase we are, giving us the possibility of waking up when we are in the lightest phase; giving you a feeling of rest very different from what we could have if we wake up in the deep phase.

Its use is simple, since you only have to place your iPhone in an area where it can analyze your movement patterns while sleeping; generally being on the top of the bed, and performs an analysis of our sleep patterns, in order to take the necessary measures to improve them.

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