How to Make the REWIND VHS Rewind Effect in Premiere Pro – Simple Tutorial

Today we will talk about an ideal technique for all those who like to edit videos, to upload it on different social networks or simply to can be entertained at home alone, or with their families and friends.

We all like to remember, and today here In Look How It Is Made we will teach you how to use the Premiere Pro program, in order to achieve the rewind or reverse effect, the one that we managed to do from our VHS, of course we will only remember it those of us who have a few years on top. Before starting I will try to explain a little about this program and about this function, in case some people have doubts.

What is Premiere Pro?

This is a software or program that will help us edit all kinds of videos to our liking, this was created by the same company of Adobe, if so, the same one that allows us to open and edit PDF and other programs, so if you don’t have it, I assure you that it will really meet your expectations.

apply rewind effect in premiere pro

This program came to light officially in 2003, with all its advanced tools and functions, with which you can enjoy for a good time.

What features does Premiere Pro have?

Its functions range from video audio enhancements, with in the image of it, in which you can select an infinity of effects and noises and even place subtitles with Adobe Premiere Pro with which you will put your creativity to fly, then we will teach you the following trick.

How to rewind in Premiere Pro VHS?

Good once you have downloaded the Premiere Pro together with the video you want to edit, we can start the step by step.


  1. You must find the video you want to edit, right click with the mouse, and press open with, once there, search and select Premiere pro. You press on her.
  2. Once inside the program you press the ALT key on your keyboard, while you click on the bar of your video and drag it to take a copy of it.
  3. To the copy that you took you will right click and press on the option “speed and duration“.
  4. In the window that will open, you will enter a speed of 300% and select the box that says “reverse speed”. You press accept. When creating the copy, if there is a space between the two videos, you must right click on it and press “delete”.
  5. Then, you must go to the toolbar and press “file”, select “create black video“Without moving anything, you just have to accept. Which you drag and place on top of the video in reverse.
  6. In the search bar you must type “noise” and search. This is in the folder “noise and grain“You must select and drag it to the black video.
  7. You go back to the search bar and type “wave deformation“, which you will apply to the black video.
  8. Then you must go to the option “effects controls”, in noise level you must write 100%. Remove the box “color noise“.
  9. In the same effects controls look for “wave type” and select “saw teeth” with the direction values ​​of 180 °, wave height of 2000, wave width of 185 and the speed of the wave in 0.5.noise options in premiere pro
  10. You look for the options of opacity and you switch from normal mode or screen mode.

New layer

  1. Then you must select a new layer, which you will place on top of the video in black, you will repeat step number 6 but with a noise value of 30% and remove “color noise” from the box.
  2. Repeat step 7, where we will change the wave type to “slight noise“, with the following values: direction 180 °, height of wave 60, width of wave 900. You select”all the bodes“in the positioning option.


  1. Then you go to file, click on new and select “inherited title
  2. You must write the title you want, it can be “REW”, you select the font, size and color of your preference. You press accept.
  3. Select the new layer and the video in black and position them one channel higher, in the excess space you drag the title already created previously.
  4. You just have to save it and enjoy it.

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