How to Make the Robot, Squirrel, or Announcer Voice in Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition is considered a professional work program. It contains a complete set of tools that includes a variety of multitrack functions such as editing, mixing, recording and restoring audio.

In Audition you will find different tools to develop the effects you want and that your audios get great changes. The program allows you create content in audio format. It is also considered that Audition was created to speed up workflows regarding modifying audios for videos. Allows you to remove background noise from an audio

Similarly, this program provides its users sounds or audios of great quality; you just need to do each step well to get good editing results.

Create different robot, squirrel, or announcer effects with Adobe Audition CC

Initially you must open the program and “insert” the audio you want to modify to change the voice. The parts of the audio must be selected to apply the modification procedure.

First you must click and select the audio and go to the upper panel to choose the option of “effects” in the drop-down menu the option of “modulation” and then “chorus”.

Options menu Adobe Audition CC

You will automatically see a new window where you should see how many voices it has. You can select 5 but it must be considered that it all depends on your tone of voice.

Next, you can click on the button found in the same menu but in the lower left to identify how the robot voice is heard. If you wish, you can change the value from 5 to 8 to obtain a better result in the robot voice tone.

Additionally, if you want to further customize the effect of the voice, you can move the controllers found in the same menu. Subsequently, you must click on the option of “Apply”; It should be noted that only a part of the robot’s voice has been modified but it must be entered again in “effects”> “modulation”> “Border”.

In this new window you must select the option “presets” the option of “robotically”. You can also preview the audio by selecting the lower button. Or if you prefer, in that same menu you can select the option of “sad tones”, it all depends on the user’s tastes.

Finally, you need to press the option “Apply” and ready. If you have completed each of the steps, you already have the result of the robot voice.

Create the best voice effects with Adobe Audition CC

Mainly to make the adjustments for the squirrel voice you must enter the audio clip that you want to modify. Go to the top menu and select “effects”. Then you have to choose “Time and tone” and choose “enlargement and tone (process)”. Then in “presets” you have to select “helium” and so the squirrel audio remains.

Voice Effects Menu with Adobe Audition CC

Once you have finished you must click on “Apply” and so you get the squirrel tone of voice. You can save your audio in the format you want but the most recommended is MP3.

In addition, to be able to equalize according to the recommendation of the program, the voice of the announcer must be entered in Adobe Audition CC and then enter the audio to be modified. It can be leveled to minus 3 for better listening ability.

You should go to the top menu select “effects” then “special” in which you must choose “vocal amplifier”. Being located in that new window you can select between three available options which are: man, woman or music.

In this case we will select “man” It all depends on the audio you have, if it is recorded by a woman, you select the female option.

So it must “apply the effect“, taking into account that it makes an equalization for voice-over that they consider convenient. You will automatically see the changes in the sound waves, it is a fast equalization, without needing any extensive knowledge of editing and with this according to the program they can obtain positive results.

In short, with a few simple steps, you can create the different effects you want with the Adobe Audition CC voice editing program. It is also important to emphasize that it is one of the best programs to perform this type of effects.

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