How to Make the Shake or Shake Effect in a Video with Sony Vegas Pro? (Example)

Sony vegas pro is one of the best video editing software that exists today. It has many functions within it that make it a complete program (you can even censor a part of a video with sony). So if you are a video editor you should keep reading because today you will learn how to do the Shake or Shake effect on a video with Sony Vegas Pro.

And this software is so good that you don’t even need to be a professional to handle it, you just have to learn little by little, each of the functionalities that this ingenious program brings, in order to one day achieve edit and create videos that rub shoulders with the best.

How to download the file and put it to work?

The main thing before learn to do the Shake or Tremor effect in a video with Sony Vegas Pro, is to download the file that contains said effect and put it to work, since without it nothing can be done.

It should be noted that the following process works for both videos and text, that is, you can place the effect in either of the two, since it works with both in the same way. In this case you will see the explanation of how to put it in a video.

The first step to achieve this logically is to download the Sony vegas pro, once you have it downloaded on your PC proceed to install it. After having installed the Sony vegas proYou must search for the effect online, you can search for it as Vegasquake, whatever you find it (it’s free), you must download the file and proceed to paste it into the Sony vegas folder.

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To do this, go to the Sony icon on the desktop and right-click it, then click on the option “Open file location “ which will appear in the pop-up window.

When you’re there, look for the folder called “Script menu” and inside it paste the file that you downloaded (if it was compressed you must unzip it and paste the inside).

With this you will have the effect in the Sony program and you are one step closer to making the Shake or Shake effect in a video with Sony Vegas Pro.

Make the Shake or Shake effect in a video with Sony Vegas Pro

Once you have your file in the corresponding folder, open the Sony vegas pro application, and automatically after you are in it, go to the toolbar and click on the “Setting”, In the drop-down that will appear, click on “Customize the toolbar.”

Here you will see that a new window opens where you must choose a button, look for the file or program that you downloaded and press the button “Add”.

Now a button will appear below the toolbar with which you can perform the effect (like when you are going to do the slow motion effect). To do this, you must first add the video fragment to which you want to place it in the program’s video bar.

When you are there, select the part of the video where you want to apply the effect, simply by clicking on it and dragging it to the width until you are satisfied.

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After you’ve selected the snippet that you like, press the effect icon, this will open a small section where you can choose the type of effect and the strength of the tremor.

And with this it will be ready, now you just have to run the video in the program and see how the vegasquake effect looks on it (from there you can edit it as you want).

You already know what it takes to make the Shake or Shake effect in a video with Sony Vegas ProNow just go turn on your computer and have fun editing your videos. And if you were curious to learn more about this program then look for things such as how to put subtitles to a Sony Vegas video or how to make the screen movement effect, which are simple and will help you grow.

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