How to Make the ‘Smoke Text’ Effect in Premiere Pro step by step

How can I make the “Smoke Text” effect? Can i do the “Smoke Text” effect in Adobe Premiere Pro? What do I need to make the “Smoke Text” effect on my videos with the Adobe Premiere Pro editor?

Learning how to edit videos in Premiere Pro is extremely simple because the program is in Spanish Language and it is quite intuitive for those who have basic knowledge in editing.

Premiere Pro offers wonderful editing possibilities to all its users, whether it is captioning a video, rendering, adding effects such as slow motion, animated explosion or the smoke text effect.

In case you don’t know how to make the ‘Smoke Text’ effect In your videos with the Adobe Premiere Pro editor, today we explain how to do it step by step.

How to make the ‘Smoke Text’ effect in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Creating, adding or making the “Smoke Text” effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is extremely simple, this effect will give your videos a much more professional and striking appearance. The first thing you need to do the “Smoke Text” effect is open the Adobe Premiere Pro editor.

Once you are inside the editor you must open the video to which you want to add the “Smoke Text” effect, then you must create a textFor this you can use the text tool found at the bottom of the editor.

If the text tool does not appear in your Adobe Premiere Pro editor, this may be because it is not in its latest version, so it will be necessary to update it or go to the “File” section, press “New” and then “Inherited title”.

make the smoke text effect in premiere pro

After writing the text you want in your video, you can go to the essential graphics tab to modify its appearance, such as font or typeface, text size, color, location of the same and more.

Additionally you must download a video of “Smoke” that has a short duration, this can be done on different Internet pages for free.

Steps to add the ‘Smoke Text’ effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

In case the smoke video that you have downloaded to create the “Smoke Text” effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is somewhat slow or too fast, you can modify its speed by pressing the left mouse button and then “Speed ​​/ duration”.

After modifying and having your smoke video ready you must go to “Effects Controls” and the “Blending Mode” that must be found in “Normal” you must change it to “Screen”.

In this way, everything that is under the editor will be revealed, that is, the smoke video and the text that you created must show up together on the screen of your Adobe Premiere Pro editor.

Then you must locate yourself at the beginning of the video and in settings look for the effect called “Trim”, this effect must be applied to the text you created, which is below the smoke video.

smoke text premiere pro

With the “Crop” effect you can make your text disappear so that it can be found synced with smoke video. To edit the speed at which the text appears, you just have to click on the “clock” icon found in the crop effect options. In this way you will have already animated your text with the “Smoke Text” effect.

Tips or additional editing tips

In case you are not satisfied with the “Smoke Text” effect on your video, the Adobe Premiere Pro editor allows you to modify it. For this you must go to the options of the “trim” effect and click on “Edge pen”, then you must go up to a level of 45, however depending on your video you can locate it is at a higher level.

If you want to give a greater force to the smoke in your video you just have to press the “Alt” key At the same time you press the smoke video, to finish you just have to drag it to the first layer and in this way it will already be highlighted.

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