How to Make the Yin Yang Symbol with My PC Keyboard Easily (Example)

It is possible that 15 years ago our personal computers, regardless of whether it is Windows or Mac, did not allow us to do many tasks that are now routine. There are also others that, due to their level of complexity, you think it is not possible to do. But this is not the case and for this reason that we are going to explain in a didactic way below. How to make the Yin Yang symbol with my PC keyboard easily.

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And you may be wondering if it will be possible to make this emblematic symbol of the chinese philosophy, which is very frequent in use. Since it represents forces of the same nature but totally opposite, such as good and evil.

It is a symbolic representation of the arts, sciences, medicine and now we are going to show you how you can do it on your computer.

The most relevant thing about this procedure is that we are not going to use any program, we will only configure the layout of our keyboard.

It is a function that you did not know could be done and now we put this knowledge in your hands. You will see that it is very similar to the resource we use in Word to insert musical symbols with the use of the keyboard.

How to make the Yin Yang symbol with my PC keyboard easily

East chinese taoist symbol It cannot be very easy to do using the keyboard as we did to include the short or long dash in Word. This emblem of universal balance, we can do it very easily if you follow the simple steps that we are going to indicate below. Remember that it is a procedure that we are going to perform using the keyboard.

We will also translate it into a document that we can perfectly find in the Microsoft Office suite. We can use Word or Publisher and we will open a new document in these applications or we will load an existing one in which we are going to enter this millennial symbol. And now we will tell you how to make the Yin Yang symbol with my keyboard Pc easily.

Steps to make the Yin Yang symbol with my PC keyboard easily

First of all we are going to open the document in which we want to make the symbol Yin Yang and we can use the program that is best to our liking or domain.

If it is our preference we can open a new document, if it does not open one that already exists and in it we will make the Chinese symbol, without any complication.

The next step is to go to the main menu at the top and in the home tab, we are going to choose a new font style, in this case it will be Wingding. Once we have done this, we are going to make use of keyboard shortcuts, or what is the same keyboard shortcuts.

So we go to the keyboard and we are going to press the Alt key and then the numeric keys 0, 9, 1, the next step is to go back to the font option so that you can change this.

And you will do it for Times New Román or you can use another one similar to this and continue writing your text in the document, and voila you can discover all the symbols that are hidden in this font.

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But you can also use the Shift states to be able to configure your keyboard so that just by pressing a key you have a desired symbol.

Without having to change the font, you just have to type and that’s it. Of course, this operation can take you between 5 to 10 minutes so that you can configure it and have the Yin Yang symbol within reach of a key.

In this way we have reached the end of this very easy to follow tutorial that in a few steps showed you how to make the Yin Yang symbol with my PC keyboard easily.

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