How to Make TNT or Dynamite in Minecraft and how to Explode it? – Crafting TNT](Example)

If you are going to talk about titles of the open world genre, it is obvious that Minecraft will enter the conversation. Since this is one of the kings of that genre thanks to its large amount of content. For this same sum of content is today’s quote, in which you will learn to How to make TNT or dynamite in Minecraft and how to exploit it?

And, despite the fact that a game with a high level of playable content is always well received, it can scare even newbies who believe that they will never learn enough to be able to play well. This is very far from reality because as you will see immediately, obtaining knowledge about this game is very easy.

Recipe for Disaster (TNT)

If what you want is to learn correctly How to make TNT or dynamite in Minecraft and how to exploit it? You have to first get each of the materials necessary for its construction.

Getting them depends a bit on your skill as a player, since, although they are not difficult, if they can be a challenge for the most novice, these are: sand and gunpowder, of the first four units are needed and of the second five.

The sand is easy to get, it is literally generated by industrial quantities throughout the Minecraft map and you only need a shovel of any type to remove it (even with basic wooden tools you can get it).

To get gunpowder in Minecraft is where the difficulty problem, Because this is not generated in the world naturally, you have to kill creepers and ghast to obtain it. Those who have already played even ten minutes of this title know that these two creatures are the most annoying.

lot of minecraft tnt

So the best strategy to obtain it, is to go with only a sword to any plain or forest where they have creepers and attract them towards you, to kill as many as possible without them exploding (it is good that you do it with one at a time).

Once you get everything you need, you can start building your bomb and you can finally learn how to make TNT or dynamite in Minecraft and how to explode it.

How to make TNT or dynamite in Minecraft and how to explode it?

Now, to build this object, you must locate your work table, and within the nine corresponding squares of the same place the required items as follows:

In the first row in squares one and three you must put gunpowder and in two sand, in the second row upside down sand in squares one and three and gunpowder in two, finally, in the third row they must be placed the same as in the first.

If everything went well, you should already have the TNT ready, which you just have to grab so that it is stored in the inventory (it will only give you one to get more, increase the amount).

Blow it up

A TNT can be activated in several ways such as: Setting fire on top with a lighter (this will cause it to turn on after a while), giving you right click with a redstone (it will ignite immediately).

tnt to explode in minecraft

Also activating it with a redstone circuit. You achieve this by making a string of this same material on the floor that reaches the TNT and placing a lever at the other end of said string, when activating the lever the dynamite will also do it (that is why you must know how to make a lever or a button, and it would also be nice if you knew how to make a redstone repeater and comparator because they will help you make more intricate runs).

This item takes 3.6 seconds to explode in the normal version of Minecraft and 4 in the pocket, take this into consideration if you do not want to end up dead, since the explosion range is quite wide.

And ready with that, the question is answered, how to make TNT or dynamite in Minecraft and how to exploit it? Now you just have to go to the game to get the resources, and then arm your bomb of mass destruction.

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