How to Make Video Calls in Slack, Group and Normal – Simple Guide

It is well known that video conferencing is great for establishing better communication with other people and reaching important agreements. For this reason, Slack emerged to share information quickly and increase your work effectiveness. In this article we explain in detail How to set up and make normal or group video calls with Slack.

Slack is a communication tool that allows the sending of messages and the execution of calls. Generally, this platform is used in the corporate sphere, although it is also very useful for other areas.

Importantly, Slack works as a real-time messaging system and includes other tools in its space such as Skype, Dropbox, Google Chrome among others.

Slack is of great benefit to those who need to keep in touch with their team. In such a way that it is possible assign tasks and give feedback by centralizing files without having to attend a physical space.

make group video calls slack

Plus, Slack makes it easy to creating reminders when establishing the dates of the meetings, the creation of channels according to the different projects that a company plans and the issuance of contributions or proposals by the members and publicly.

How Slack Calls Work

It is clear that SlackCalls allows us to make calls, but what many users do not know is that Google Chrome is the only compatible browser for this application, in addition to using iOS or Android. To be able to use it, you will only have to access it, wherever you want to use it as it is on the computer or on the cell phone. You will only have to go to direct message and then press the flame icon and then the camera icon to activate it as a video call.

The same happens if you want to make the call, but this time from a channel by pressing the details icon and press the call option. You can also give the call a name to then start it. The biggest function of this platform is to make your famous voice calls for free, standard or plus also with your video call and with the shared screen, but the shared screen can only be used with plus and standard.

How can I start a video call on Slack

There is a very fast and easy way to make video calls in Slack. This consists of logging into Slack and typing the / call command in the message field in order to start this function immediately.

For two

To be able to establish a normal video call, you need to connect to Slack and use a direct message directed another person. Then, you must open a direct message and press the phone icon that you will find in the upper right part of the window. Then, the call will be initiated to the other person who will receive a notification to accept or reject the call. Make sure to press the camera icon to activate the video function when communication is established.


To make a group video call With Stack, the use of channels is very useful. Therefore, you must open a channel where you have already added a team previously. Select the phone icon and press the “make call” option.

The platform is responsible for sending a notification to all members of the channel so that communication is established. It is important to note that you can add up to 14 people to a channel through the “Join” button. Remember to activate the video function through the camera icon.

How to invite other people to a call

It is necessary to learn all the correct ways to make calls with this useful application, since it greatly facilitates communication between our friends, family or work and study colleague. Mainly how this application can be use from different devices, you must learn how to use it based on the device you have to make the call and be able to invite your friends to initiate it.

From the website or App

Inviting one of your friends is a very simple process. First of the website you can directly invite the person from the call within the direct message or click on the section that says ‘Add people’ which is at the top of the call window, find the person you want to invite and the person to the invite button.

group calls slack
From the application you will only have to make a common call and swipe up from the bottom to press ‘Add people’ later seek and invite. Try to verify the selected contact before pressing the next option.

Share a link

To be able to do it from this option you will only have to go to ‘Add people‘of the current call and this time go to the copy link section, paste this link in the field of a private message or channel. Only 14 people may join the call.

How can I create a channel in Slack for my workgroup?

If you want to maintain constant contact with your work team and establish an efficient communication channel to save time and organize your Business environment, then we recommend that you read the procedure you must follow to configure and make video calls through Slack.

First of all, it is essential that you download and install the Slack platform from its official website. Next, you must register an account and create a work space. To do this, go to the Slack website and proceed to enter your email there.

Then press the “Continue” button. Check your email and locate the code that Slack sends to your inbox. Go back to the Slack website and enter the code you received, name the workspace, and hit the “Next” button.

Now, you need to create a new Slack channel that will serve your workspace. With this channel you can organize conversations according to each project you develop with your team.

To organize a new channel, enter the email addresses of the other team members or select “Skip now” and press “Open your channel in Slack. Click on “Finish registration”, enter your name, password. Finally press the “Next” and “Save” button.

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