How To Make Video Calls On Badoo From My Android Or From The PC Is It Possible?

In recent years, applications aimed at young audiences to find a partner and online dating have become a boom. One of those applications is Badoo, launched in 2006, after becoming independent from Facebook in 2012, was characterized as a platform for finding a partner.

This internet dating site is one of the best known and most used in the world, even in 2018 it had about 395 million users. Therefore, we can think that it currently has more than 410 million users, who are always active looking for the most interesting partner, no matter where they live.

How does Badoo work?

The application is characterized by being a social network with the aim of helping you meet new people, in addition to having a different function from the rest of these applications. We refer first to the option of “Encounters” where the Badoo platform presents you with profiles that are compatible with your interests.

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The other different option from Badoo is, “People around” in which the application allows you to select only the profiles of people who are close to your area. Both Badoo options are only profile recommendations that the application makes for you; You decide if you accept them or if you send them a private message.

Of course, to start enjoying the functions of this social network you can download the app in the app store, or failing that, enter from the browser. With that ready, you can start with the creation of your profile by entering some personal data that the application asks for and adding images to your profile.

Along the same lines, Badoo offers you the function of “quotes” where you find profiles that match your interest in finding a partner. In this option, when you find the profiles, you will have the opportunity to give them “I like”; If there is a compatible profile, the private chat will open automatically.

Badoo is an application that you can download and use for free, but like everything else, If you want to purchase other better features, you must pay a monthly fee. These functions are known as “Badoo Premium”, with which you can show your profile for a longer time to more users and several other options.

How can I make video calls on Badoo?

The option of making video calls on a social network is something important that attracts more users over time, as it makes it easier for us to get to know a person better. Badoo, has not been left behind with this option and has also enabled it on its platform; Therefore, here we will explain how to do them.

The main requirement to be able to make these video calls on Badoo is, have the latest version of the application updated, this allows you to connect with users faster. The option to make video calls appears within each private chat you start, with a camera icon at the top of the screen.

In that simple way, you can start a face-to-face conversation with a person from your own mobile, regardless of the distance. If you want to make video calls from your computerYou have to download the Bluestack application, which allows these calls by making your computer compatible, as if it were a mobile phone.

Is it dangerous to use Badoo to meet a partner?

This application has a lot of fame and is used by many people, therefore, it offers you reliable security and privacy. For example, by finding a profile on this platform you can know if it is verified or not, generally this option gives more confidence in the users.

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Of course, in this application anyone who sees you online can send you a message to your private chat; therefore, it is recommended that you make sure very well which ones to answer. To take care of this, you can set up your profile with invisible mode and thus they will not see you online and you will be able to respond to whoever you want in peace.

In case you reply to a message, first make sure who is behind that screen; thus, do not give personal data as an address or about your family. Remember that these are steps that everyone should take before meeting someone.

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