How to Make Video Calls on Google Duo and Send Video Messages, Voice and Group Calls

In addition to Google Meet, the Google platform has an app called Google Duo, which you can download in the “Google Play” store or in the desktop version, available from its website.

If you download it you will be able to do endless fun and functional activities to communicate with loved ones such as: video calls, send video messages, send voice messages, make group calls and Although it seems incredible, you can now also send photos.

Little by little, Google Duo has been innovating in order to provide its users with a integral service as far as calling functions are concerned. Which is why a large number of users have downloaded this fabulous app that has become one of the most downloaded apps.

If you are one of the users who does not know much about this app, but you have heard of its benefits and you want to know a little about Google Duo, you are in the indicated post, since here we will talk about all the functions that this app offers. Join us until the end of the article.

Meet Google Duo

Google Duo, is an app that you can download in the Play Store and it is free. Its main function is video conversations (chat), with them you can communicate individually or in groups with your contacts. It is an app similar to Skype, but simpler and easier to use.

Its use can be simplified by entering the app, choosing the contact you want to communicate with by call and pressing the video call button. Later we will give you more details. Keep joining us in this article.


Owns a 720p resolution. It works even if your phone connection is weak. Your connection is not interrupted even if it is in 2g. It gives you the advantage of being able to switch immediately from Wi-Fi to the telephone network, this is going to depend on the effectiveness of the link, and it also enters it without difficulty in the secondary plane.

Calls made through a WiFi network connection, you will not spend minutes. However, if you use mobile data, it is possible that extra charges.

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Voice call or video call with a single contact

  1. The first thing to do is verify that you have the updated version of the Duo app.
  2. Start section at Duo app.
  3. Once you open the application, search above for the person you want to contact and simply dial their phone number. Then tap on Video Call or just Voice Call, depending on what you want.

Voice call or video calls in groups

Start the section in the Duo app, on your cell phone, then in the upper area of ​​your cell phone screen click on create group, select the contacts you want to communicate with and click on the icon that reads “ready” and finally click on start video call or voice call.

When creating a group you can give it a name. For this you must click on edit, place the name you want, press save. Ready the name of the group can be seen by all its members.

Send voice messages in Google Duo

For this function, enter the duo app on your cell phone. Press on the contact name you want to call after a few seconds of not answering your call, you can leave the voice message, find where it says to record a voice message, at finish recording press the stop icon and then click send.

Send video message with Duo

  1. Enter the Duo app on your cell phone and grant all the required permissions so that you can have access to your cell phone’s contacts, camera and microphone.
  2. Lugo Swipe your finger from the bottom to the middle of your mobile screen to start recording the message you want.
  3. Click on the Record icon.
  4. When you finish recording, press “Stop”.
  5. Also if you want to view your video or add some text to it before you send it.
  6. Click Next and continue.
  7. Select the contact (s) either individual or group and voila, press send.

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Send photos and files with Duo

Enter the file or forum you want to submit. Then press on “Share”. Locate the Duet button. Click next, Select the contact to whom you will send the information. Hit send and you’re done.

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