How to Make Videos with Transition, Text and Mirror Special Effects with IMovie

IMovie is a program video editing Available for all Apple brand devices with IOS system. It is easy to use, allowing the user to create trailer-style video clips, movies, and any type of recording.

The resolution of the footage can reach 4k, and has a variety of filters that allow you to create different scenes. It is a tool for amateurs in cinematography, since with it they manage to create quality videos with many reproductions.

Here we will detail some of the effects and uses of IMovie. These are usually the most used, due to their excellent functionality.

IMovie special effects

One way to find out about the effects offered by this program is through the official Apple platform. In it, users can consult the frequently asked questions and solve their doubts about this video editing program.


Add transitions for a video in this program it is something very easy, which IMovie itself can help you do. The first option is done automatically, with the Automatic Content option available found in Settings.

In case you have a theme chosen for the edition, the program will apply the transitions as standard. It will not place them in each separation, and on the other hand it will add an initial title and a final one, according to the theme.

video scenes

It is possible to add transitions without a theme by unchecking the Automatic content and selecting No topic, in the Topic button. Manual transitions can also be added, with the Transitions option located at the top, and placing them between clips.


With the Titles option, you can select the styles available in the program, and that can be used in clips. If a theme has been chosen, the titles used will have the default design that it has in its content.

Some of the designs they are animated, and their details can be viewed by dragging them into the browser, where the interaction is displayed. You just have to place the title in the timeline over the clips, according to the exact moment you want.

You can modify the text, shapes and colors of the title, using typeface controls above the viewfinder. With the text we establish categories to organize them in platforms.


To use the mirror effect, the Clip Settings option must be located in Menu, opening the Inspector. We proceed to select the Video Effects option, within the Clip tab, choosing the Flipped option.

It is possible to have video preview to see if the edition corresponds to what we want to achieve and transmit.

Other important features of IMovie

IMovie has the facility to configure video playback speed, which helps the action scenes. The video editing processes serve to generate a greater impact and emotion to the scenes that are developed.

With this program you can also make footage of Documentary style, as well as informative or journalistic videos. The filters contained in this program are of high quality, making the playback look cinema-style.

camera recording

It works very well with the videos they use from green screen to create background effects on playback. Mask and intensity adjustment options are also available, giving more realism to the entire video.

In case they love each other make trailers, you can choose predetermined templates to achieve a better audiovisual finish. They are chosen by gender, and it is possible to add proprietary brands to receive monetization on popular platforms.

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