How to Make Word and Excel Faster to Load in Windows? (Example)

Word and Excel are two primary applications offered by Microsoft Office. If you work with Windows 10 and see that it takes more than 10 seconds to boot, you may wonder How to make Word and Excel faster when loading in Windows? In this article you will know an effective solution.

How to make Word and Excel faster when loading in Windows?

All Microsoft Office applications take a few seconds to open. However, it is considered that the start it is slow when it exceeds 10 seconds and, this can happen because some add-ons that have been previously installed in the office suite are loaded.

On the other hand, foreign applications can also generate this problem. For this reason, it is advisable to prevent programs from running when Windows 10 starts. Even so, let’s continue with this guide designed for these Office programs.

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Next, we explain everything you need to know about the causes that can slow down loading Word and Excel in Windows 10 as well as the solution to this problem.

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What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is an application that is part of the office suite Microsoft Office. This tool works as a word processor that allows users to write documents and store them in .docx format.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is another application in the Microsoft Office suite. This program allows spreadsheet creation For inserting numeric and alphanumeric data, add formulas, charts and reports to save as a workbook in the .xlsx format.

Why are Word and Excel startup slow in Windows 10?

There are multiple reasons why certain applications such as Word or Excel they take time to load from the Windows 10 system. Here we explain some of the causes.

An outdated computer

If your equipment is outdated or has low / mid-range components that are not fully adapted to the operating system requirements, applications such as Word or Excel may take longer to open than normal.

Regardless of whether your computer is old or modern, it is best to always find a way to improve performance in Windows 10, since there are many options that you can consider.

Installed plugins and plugins

Often the office suite Microsoft Office automatically loads a set of add-ins and plug-ins that can slow down the loading process of Word and Excel.

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Method to speed up the startup of Word and Excel in Windows 10

First of all, you need to identify what is the cause that slows the loading of Word and Excel applications. Once you know the reason for the failure, you can follow the following procedure.

  • Step 1: To disable the add-ins that Office installs by default, you must go to the Microsoft Word application and select the «File» menu. There, you will find the section «Options» (Do the same process from Microsoft Excel)
  • Step 2: Next, you will see a window where you must locate the section «Accessories». In this space you will see all the add-ons that have been installed by the Microsoft Office suite. Go to «Active application plugins» and press the «Go» button (Do the same process from Microsoft Excel)
  • Step 3: The active add-ons that are loaded at the start of the application will appear in a new window. At the bottom is the option «load at startup.» In this way, you can disable Microsoft Word and Excel add-ins. (Do the same process from Microsoft Excel).

A slow Hard Drive or SSD can also cause startup delays, so we recommend learning how to optimize the performance of a slow SSD in Windows, so that everything starts up faster.

The «Cortana» functionality and how to properly disable it

Windows 10 has a tool called «Cortana». When this feature is active it usually slows down the startup of Word and Excel by up to 20 seconds.

To disable «Cortana», press the Cortana button in Windows 10. Then, choose the second option that appears in the sidebar on the left. Choose «Setting» and proceed to disable the «Cortana» functionality. Disabling this feature will surely make the system more stable and the Office programs start up better.

If you still have doubts about how to disable this option, you can read the following guide to deactivate Cortana in Windows 10, functional for all versions.

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