How to Make YouTube Load Videos Faster in Firefox, Edge and Safari?

Today we are going to see how to make YouTube load videos faster in Firefox, Edge and Safari. For some time now, the internet giant launched a new version of YouTube with a very interesting and comfortable design.

The problem is that at its launch this new design makes use of Polymer technology which makes YouTube work flawlessly and quickly in Chrome which is adapted for said technology. For this reason, it is also recommended to consider the options to improve the speed of the WiFi and speed up the internet.

However, other browsers are not and this causes the streaming giant to load too slow. What is the possible solution? It is simpler than you imagine, since, if you load the old version of YouTube which is, for now, available. You will achieve improve loading speed considerably in browsers like Firefox, Edge or Safari.

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By itself, Chrome is the fastest browser you will find today. There is no doubt about this, always being on the lists of the best web browsers. So it is normal that you feel that some sites, especially those of Google itself, work a little faster than in other browsers.

However, we can improve the speed of those browsers with different tricks, although it will take a little time and dedication to achieve this.

Next, we are going to see what we need to improve the speed of YouTube in browsers other than Chrome. It is a simple process that in a few minutes you can have it applied without any kind of problems.

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Make YouTube work faster in Mozilla Firefox

In the case of Firefox we will have to install an extension called YouTube Classic which allows us to load an old version of the website. In this way we can recover the browsing speed on YouTube from the Mozilla browser.

How to make YouTube load faster in Microsoft Edge

In the case of Edge, it gets a bit more complicated. What we will have to do is download Tampermonkey from the Windows application store. Then we will have to go to Edge configuration options Y activate the extension that we just downloaded. Then we will have to run this script to get YouTube to load the old version.

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Get YouTube to run faster in Safari

In the case of the Apple browser, what we must do is download the version of Tampermonkey that is available for this browser. After this we will have to download a script that forces the streaming service to deliver the old version of your website so that this way it works faster.

As you can see, it is quite easy to load the old YouTube design which loads faster in other browsers than Chrome. In this way you can continue to enjoy your favorite browser and all the content that this streaming video platform has to offer.

We hope this article was useful to you and made it clear to you how to make YouTube load videos much faster in Firefox, Edge and Safari. Remember that, if you still have any kind of doubt about this topic, you can leave it in the comment box that you will find a little below.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to change the playback speed of a YouTube video, we can present you this and many other very useful tricks.

There are many tricks to improve the speed of all web browsers of the moment. It’s a matter of finding the right configuration.

In Mira Como se hace we teach you many of these tricks and secrets to surf the internet much faster and thus achieve a better experience when it comes to enjoying this huge world in front of our computer screen.

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