How to Mark All Received Messages as Read in Mozilla Thunderbird? (Example)

If you are a user of the Mozilla browser and also your operating system is free software, then you must have an account in your mail client. This is very good, and learning how to use it is essential if you have more products from this foundation. For this you will see today How to mark all received messages as read in Mozilla Thunderbird?

And it is that, although many do not know this postal system, it does not mean that it is not good. In fact, it is quite the opposite, it is one of the best that exist being even on a par with Outlook (with the advantage that it works in Linux and free operating systems). This one is even so versatile that it allows to pass or import my contacts from Gmail to Mozilla.

How can I mark all received messages as read in Mozilla Thunderbird?

So that you can mark all the messages received as read in Mozilla Thunderbird, you have to follow a series of very simple instructions, take into account that there are different ways to do it depending on what you want.

The first is by dialing them quickly. If you want to achieve this, you must open the folder where the messages you want to mark as read are located, and then choose any message from it, and then press the combination of Shift + C keys.

You can also stand on top of the folder and right-click to display several options, there click “Mark folder as read.” With that you are all set, however if you have an older version of the program you may have to use another combination.

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This is because with updates the process has obviously changed. If you want to do it for example in Thunderbird 2 or Netscape 3, you must press at the same time CTRL + Shift + C.

This trick helps you to better organize your folders or messages. That is so, because with old messages already marked as read, you can give priority to those that are coming in, and also review the old ones more calmly, without having to delete or delete them (another organization trick is to configure Mozilla Thunderbird to search for emails new).

Mark as read by date

With the above, the question has been resolved, how to mark all messages received as read in Mozilla Thunderbird? specific.

If you want to do it, you must again click on any message in a mail folder. Once you have done this, click the right button and choose the option “Mark Alternatively” (or you can also give “Message”In the top menu and then to“Mark”).

Regardless of which of the two you do, in the box that will jump you must choose “Mark by reading date”, then proceed to enter the dates you want to be marked as an interval.

Mark thread as read

In addition to folders, you can also mark a message thread as read. To do that you must select a message in said thread, then in the upper menu choose the menu option “Message” and later “Mark”(You can also do it with the right click as you read above).

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Finally, press “Mark thread as read”, and voila, with that you know everything you need to be able to cross out your messages in Mozilla email. So you can say you know the answer from How to mark all received messages as read in Mozilla Thunderbird?

As a final step, you must go to your email and start dialing everything that hinders you, so that you can have a good organization in your inbox. Remember that this great program also allows you to hide read emails and show unread ones, so that you have control of what flows through your email daily (you can even choose to only show unread messages or emails)

It may not sound like a big deal, but remember that organization is the key to success in whatever you do in life. So starting with something as small as an email never hurts.

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