How to Mark an Email as Spam in iPhone Mail Step by Step (Example)

Communication has been a human need since time immemorial. And communication is precisely one of the things that the digital age has helped to improve enormously. All thanks to the development of instruments that allow talking to a person or establishing communication with a company takes less time than it used to take.

The use of computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have been the preferred instruments of millions of people around the world. As time passes and new programs or new applications come to light, they give a greater degree of importance to these teams.

The use of email

One of the most used communication channels for a long time, without a doubt, has been email. Although its highest point has already passed, thanks to the appearance of other communication channels Like e-mail services, mail is still a widely used channel. Especially for professional purposes.

Having an email client has become essential, even for the configuration of other devices or computers.

Phones with Android operating system require a Gmail account to be configured and enter the application store. The same is true for iOS phones or Mac and Windows computers (especially those with Windows 8 or 10 installed).

Spam or spam

Beyond the client that you use because it best suits your preferences, there is a constant in each of them. Just as you usually receive messages that are really interesting or of a very high level of importance, there are others that… honestly, you would like to stop receiving.

Spam or spam

Spam or unwanted emails generally come from platforms to which you have subscribed and have linked your email account to these services to receive information on promotions, events, among other things.

Most likely, in the past, all that information seemed interesting to you, but now you would simply like stop receiving it in your inbox because it is annoying.

Great care!

Although there are great possibilities that your situation is the one described above, it is also true that you can receiving unnecessary and overwhelming information. Opening these emails and entering the links they show you can be a really unfavorable decision, or end up contracting a virus on the device.

Unfortunately, it is very common to receive emails from people or companies offering and promoting work, study or other opportunities that are truly amazing … but all this may be nothing more than a vile hoax.

Many times, entering the web page that shows you the email or providing your data in a box shown in the email it can be the way to steal your personal data and scam you.

Mail users: Not one more email

If you are going through or have gone through any of these uncomfortable situations, or if you simply want to avoid them, and in addition to that, you use the Mail email service (specialized for iCloud users through different iOS devices), you are in luck, Since, this time, you will learn to get rid of these emails in your inbox.

Mail users

Mobile devices

Whether it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can mark these emails as spam or unwanted by entering the message to press on the option “Move to junk”.

Mac computers

If you want to mark an email as spam from the comfort of your computer, you just have to select the messages and check the “Spam” option. You can also drag the email to the folder corresponding to spam.

The solution is to eliminate all the spam that you have received by entering the folder that corresponds to spam. Just select them all and press on the iconRemove”.

Goodbye spam!

Now you are one step closer to not receiving any type of extremely annoying email that could compromise your personal data. In addition to purge your inbox.

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