How to Measure a Magnetic Field with my Mobile – Is it Possible?

Measure a magnetic field it looked like something extremely complicated, it was even just a matter reserved for the area of ​​pure sciences. Measurements of a magnetic field are achieved with certain sensors, and these can now be on mobiles.

Detecting a magnetic field and having a measurement of it is easy, doing so only involves the use of certain apps on the smartphone that you have. If you want to learn how to detect a magnetic field, and measure it, read on.

How the magnetism detector works in a smart phone

Magnetism sensors in cell phones are everyday today, they measure the earth’s magnetic fields and thus, identify, for example, where the north is. Basically, the magnetism detector in conjunction with the GPS receivers are the in charge of determining our location so to speak.

Details such as the place, point of location and even the direction where you are looking are one of these. Basically, when using the maps function, we are making full use of this type of sensor. This turns our mobile into an electronic compass.

detect measure magnetic field with my cell phone

How can I detect a magnetic field with my mobile

Cell phones increasingly include more sensors in their configuration, the hardware of a cell phone now has sensors such as proximity, temperature and even the sensor that is used for the use of GPS.

In the same way, smartphones have the gyroscope, which is used to view videos and audiovisual material in full screen, and has other functions. But today we will talk about the detection of the magnetic field, as well as its measurement.

As the years go by, technology advances and mobile phones, with the rest of electronic devices, include more and more configurations and sensors for various functions, including detecting a magnetic field.

There are apps that allow Android users to measure the magnetic field they want, but they have some limitations. And it is that like the use of the flash, downloading a flashlight, it is necessary that the mobile have a bulb or light on your hardware.

Applications like Ultimate EMF Detector Free, Ghost EMF Detector, EMF Detector, and others, only work if the cell phone has the indicated sensor: one that can detect magnetic fields. Otherwise, it is not possible to detect a magnetic field with the mobile.

Best Apps to measure electromagnetic and magnetic fields

There is a great variety of these apps on the market, since all smartphones today have this type of sensor. For Android systems we can talk about Ultimate EMF Detector Free (real data). For iPhone we can find The EMF Radiation Detector, which is super easy to use, also, it is important to say that these apps work correctly according to the status of the sensors of the. Mobile.

Applications like Ultimate EMF Detector Free, Ghost EMF Detector, EMF Detector, and others, only work if the cell phone has the indicated sensor: one that can detect magnetic fields. Otherwise, it is not possible to detect a magnetic field with the mobile.

In case of not detecting a magnetic field with any of these applications, when you install them the measurement will be 0, since the sensor that takes these measurements is not inside the device.

  magnetic field with my mobile

But if you have this sensor then the measurement will be more than 0 at any time, even if it is far from a magnetic field, because at least it should show values ​​close to it.

And basically what you have to do to measure a magnetic field with your cell phone is download one of those apps on Google Play. If you have a Chinese brand phone, which generally does not have this service, you can choose to download and install it in another way.

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To prove that your cell phone serves as a magnetic field meter, then you must create one, and it is also convenient to have a conventional meter of these, for you to compare the measurements.

In general, any of this type of Software it has the measurements in units of microtesla and gauss. You can configure it to the unit that best suits you of these.

And from there start using it as a meter, creating magnetic fields as you want, or even in places in your home. where direct current passes; You will see how the values ​​change depending on the magnitude of the magnetic field that it presents.

What can be measured with the sensors of a mobile?

The sensors in our mobile are essential for its proper functioning. Among the most common are motion, noise, temperature sensors, among others.

Environmental noise

Although the main component to detect in terms of noise is our voice, these sensors can also be used to measure a huge amount of ambient noise.

Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields are measured by sensors in our mobile, this could help us to locate us geographically speaking and even to detect metals or levels of radiation dangerous for us.

possible to detect measure cellular magnetic field

Luminous intensity

This sensor helps to automatically adapt the brightness level of a phone when it is activated. This we save battery in moments where we do not need a high level of brightness on our screen.

Atmospheric pressure

It is one of the less common sensors in a mobile, it is measured through a mercury barometer system. This directly identifies the contact of the air with the temperature of the ground.

Speed ​​of movement

These sensors are specifically responsible for the smile recognition from a camera of the mobile. As well as it also fulfills functions in the fingerprint sensor for example.

Vibration level

All mobile teams have vibration sensorsBut not everyone can make changes to their intensity levels. These sensors are very useful when it comes to needing to be very attentive to our mobile without making a lot of external noise with a ringtone.

What other similar detections can be made with a mobile?

They really are very varied, and as has been said before, they depend on the number of sensors that a mobile has in its hardware. Also, the newer the cell phone models that are used in this type of thing, more sensors will have, including for example the metal detector sensor.

The variety of sensors that a smartphone can have now is impressive, and it is with them that you can do great things and within reach of the most commonly used device.

To see what other sensors you can use with your mobile, we recommend you download DevCheck Hardware and System Info. With this tool you will be able to see which are all the sensors that your hardware has available, and thus begin to use them for different purposes.

You can then realize that your phone is capable of amazing functions. For example, you can measure Ambient Noise or Atmospheric Pressure.

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You can also know the Altitude above sea level, and the speed at which you move, plus other great features.

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