How to Measure Glucose with the New Smartwatch or Apple Watch Smartwatch

The field of technological advances Among electronic devices is incredibly impressive, every day new projects are proposed in terms of the investigation of artifacts that fulfill functions or have useful tools for our daily lives.

There are several companies in the world in charge of creating electronic tools to simplify various aspects of our life, including our health checks. An example of these is Apple, which with its new SmartWatch wants measure blood sugar or glucose level.

How do we measure glucose with the new Apple Watch smartwatch or smartwatch?

First of all, it is convenient to talk a little about the referred objective. Glucose is a substance within our body that is very useful, but its high levels are harmful. This substance can be stored pathologically in our body, as happens with diabetes.

Diabetic patients have the obligation to have a constant check of the glucose levels in their body to know about their state of health, for this reason they require a monitoring to know the glycemia in your body.

The methods used in a conventional way are the most effective, however with the technological update and innovation You want to test this procedure with everyday electronic devices.

Apple’s approach is to make that glucose meter, a complete software that is included in a watch, a SmartWatch. In this sense, although the company does not say so, it seeks to measure the glucose level in users.

measure glucose with the new apple smartwatch

The technology proposed so far is the use of a sensor that continuous measurement, that is, a sensor that work at all times to know how the glucose level is. A similar example is the heart rate sensor, only in this case the technology involves more complexity.

What is the mechanism by which glucose is measured with the new Apple Watch SmartWatch?

The Apple smartwatch It is one of the most desired by users, the model of this watch is simply elegant and its internal functioning is typical of the impressive works of the company.

The conventional mechanism to measure the glucose level in a patient is through a small puncture made in the thumb of the same, with the aim of obtaining a drop of blood. Then with the conventional, digital or analog glucometers, the measurement that is needed is taken by means of a digital monitor.

In a similar way to this, especially for the latter, it is trying to measure glucose with the new Apple SmartWatch; The intention is to embed a sensor inside the watch so that this can give an account of how the blood glucose value is in a patient.

The information collected by this sensor will later go to its visual expression on a monitor, which has been the clock itself. In this se will reflect the glucose value which is measured by optical electromagnetic waves, to have the required control of this substance.

How to pair the Apple SmartWatch with my iPhone?

However, not everything has to be reflected solely on the clock. This is where the near perfect bond that exists between the different devices of this brand.

smart watch apple watch to measure glucose

The Apple Watch SmartWatch can be linked to the iPhone, and so will the software created to measure glucose. And the good thing about this is that the linking process is very simple; Just as AirPods are linked to an Apple Watch, the SmartWatch can also be synchronized to an iPhone or Android.

The model to be implemented is basically similar to those previously released, and one thing is for sure: the battery must be designed for higher profitability, as it will tend to be constantly active to measure glycemia.

However, users will need to learn how to save the battery of the SmartWatch so that it does not discharge so quickly and can keep a check.

But at the end of the day, there is still a little bit left for this technological innovation, we must wait for the official launch of this new SmartWatch that will bear the name of Apple Watch Series 7, and from now on it is one of the most anticipated Wearable in the world.

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