How to measure the Internet speed in the mobile browser?

When we learned about the death of Flash for Android, most of us have a little upset but it is true that it has not been as hard as we thought. We can live without Flash perfectly on the mobile and even on the PC, although for certain things it can still be missed.

Most of the online speed tests I know use technologies like Flash Player to display the results and on Android, iOS or Windows Phone mobiles it is not possible to use them (if possible through Flash compatible browsers and terminals that support this technology but not natively in most of them). I should mention that most of the most used tests in our country (,, etc.) have a dedicated application to measure our Internet connection but we do not always want to install an extra app and some people with low-end mobiles I would dare to say that they cannot.

Measure Internet speed

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For these cases we can use a website that we can access from our browser (either on the mobile or on the PC, although on PC I would undoubtedly recommend a test like The website in question is called and uses the HTML5 technology instead of the old Adobe Flash.

It is not that it is the best or the most beautiful website but it will help us to get out of the way and will give us a quite accurate result if we are close to the router. With our mobile we should not have a problem getting close to it or else the loss of power could be significant. The results are accurate and the interface, on mobile, is quite simple. I hope it is useful to you.


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